COVID-19: Want to get Vaccinated?

As availability opens up, finding where to get vaccinated can be tough - so here is a not-so comprehensive list of places to look for appointments

For those in locked-down regions - getting a vaccination is an approved reason to leave your home

Get Vaccinated!

COVID Vaccine Eligibility (and Availability): Vaccines Eligibility Checker
Covid Near Me (opens to NSW, other states available): COVID-19 Near Me


Online Booking Engines (GPs/Respiratory Clinics)

Generic Tools

Specific Brands


If you come across any other sites - send me a PM or add them here and I’l endeavour to update the first post


Since the links seem to be NSW-centric:


WA State vax hubs & regional COVID vaccination clinics


For SA:


For NT -
Overview: Vaccinations | Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Book an appointment: Booking your COVID-19 vaccine | Coronavirus (COVID-19)


For the ACT at least, I’d recommend booking an initial appointment and then trying to rebook an earlier appointment. You have to be very quick though. I successfully had my first Pfizer jab yesterday after snagging a cancelled appointment. Initial appointment wasn’t until the 2nd of October! I am 35, so didn’t qualify until recently.

I wasn’t sure of my eligibility being a NSW border resident but there were no problems signing up over the phone (I did this at 7 AM on Sunday).


Book an appointment: Book a vaccination appointment | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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I hope I haven’t duplicated these info in this thread.

From ABC News (19/8/2021)
Within a week, the government plans to open the following drive-through sites:

  • Broadmeadows: A site at the Ford factory will be open to the public for booked appointments from Monday
  • Werribee: A site at Eagle Stadium will offer both drive-through and indoor vaccinations, with the exact opening day to be determined
  • Springvale: A Sandown Racecourse drive-through option will be offered next to the existing indoor vaccination hub at the site, opening to the public by appointment on Saturday

A decent explanation from ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr why the states reporting of vaccination numbers doesnt align with the Federal numbers (that are being used for sites like Covidlive)

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First Dose Global Leaderboard

8 - ACT (80.75%)
21 - New South Wales (75.65%)
33 - Victoria (71.66%)
39 - Australia (68.18%)
51 - Tasmania (66.01%)
66 - South Australia (59.99%)
75 - Queensland (57.06%)
78 - Western Australia (56.46%)
81 - Northern Territory (54.73%)

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Interesting technique from that feed to compare states to countries.

So going by those figures, it’s safe to say that Australia’s vaccine takeup is largely being driven by the COVID-riddled South East + Tasmania, while more probably needs to be done to get jabs in arms of those who live in the largely COVID-free Northern and Western states/territory.

Yeah, but I think it also underlines the multispeed rollout we’re seeing - it shows how much heavy lifting two states do for our current figure too.

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If the South East is COVID-riddled, what do you call every other country in the world? Not trying to be a smart arse, it is no surprise that NSW, ACT and VIC have the highest rate of vaccination because it is necessary. But even today’s numbers which seem huge to us are still far better than most countries in the world.

Only on first doses though. We are still lagging on second shots, but it’s a given that we’ll meet that target in the coming weeks.

Australia is about to overtake the USA in a week (or so) on second doses (in total people) which is remarkable.

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