COVID-19: Essential Travel Grey areas discussion

The best advice is to stay home on the weekend and that is what I plan to do . However I do enjoy the discussion on “this rule”.

Here are a few potential grey areas if one was asked by a Policeman, what was the reason you are out and about? Are these valid reasons?

  • Driving to a different park for exercise? Does Distance really matter in this case ? Say if the park was 10 km around or 100 km? Assuming you keep social distance. I have heard excercise should be in your local area only ie you should not catch a train or drive there but it isn’t really in black and white. Would the policeman say you should not drive just for the purposes of exercise here is a fine?

  • L-plate drivers learning to Drive? (Maybe illegal in Victoria but maybe not other states).

  • Visit your partner if you live in separate locations? If yes how far (within your state) are you allowed to drive to see them? What about a friend? Would it be a fine then ?

  • Visit your parents home (if you not living in the same house)? Whilst from a health viewpoint if your parents are older than 70 it is not the best idea, this is just for the sake of discussion.

  • Driving 40 mins (round trip) to get cheaper petrol? Some parts of Sydney has Petrol in 70c a litre while to the north is still around 110.9 or so. Going for a drive can help clear cobwebs.

  • Going to shopping centre and walking around in the shops (like a Westfields) whilst keeping social distance. (is that exercise?)

  • Can you drive 1 hour to get food as you like a green grocer at the other end of town or outside the city ?

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