COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

if their strategy works, and they are protected from 2nd and 3rd wave, then they wont have a high death count over the course of the whole pandemic. Its countries that went down the other path (italy, Spain, UK, Belgium) that have the higher death counts anyway.

Three new cases in the ACT now, all linked to Victoria. This is getting out of hand and Queensland will have to consider keeping its borders shut if this leaks into NSW any further.


A case in NSW from Victoria

The teenage male and his family were tested for the virus before they left Victoria and given a clean bill of health.

Upon their arrival to Merimbula they were notified that Victoria Health had made a mistake and that the test was positive, NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant said.

Looks like international flights might be restricted even further.

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Wouldn’t the other countries be better off with a 2nd and 3rd wave though and reduce deaths because their hospitals weren’t over run? That theory really doesn’t make sense.

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For discussions specifically returning to the Melbourne lockdown, I’ve set up a new splinter thread.


They already had a massive death toll before they went into hard lockdowns.

Unnecessary stress for the teenager and his family.

A Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Sydney last night.

NSW Health has stated that protocols are now in place.

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I think this is pretty infuriating.

Sydney and Melbourne have been doing all the heavy lifting on international arrivals and quarantine for months. putting the national interest ahead of their own states interest at a large cost to their own state, Melbourne now paying a huge price. It is fair to expect other states to start making more of a contribution, especially now that states are charging for hotel stays. I think this kind of selfishness will breakdown the cooperation in the national cabinet and bad politics will ruin the situation for everyone.


Is The Age a better newspaper overall than the Herald Sun?

I just hope NSW learns from Daniel Andrews’ mistakes and start consulting with small business groups and bodies representing the sectors most affected by the lockdown (beauty, food, hospitality, entertainment, tourism) before imposing new restrictions. All they want is to personally serve customers and get real income while taking all the precautions.

What are the mistakes?

The government wants to stop the spread, first and foremost.


Its a matter of capacity and cost - and lets not forget that NSW have asked for exactly the same thing on a similar basis.


Let me correct you Dan Andrews and the citizens who are both at fault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Who knows ? I don’t let anyone tell me which newspapers to read or not to read. I have a mind of my own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I disagree with you only because the fact that we have seen spikes of more coronavirus coming into wa over seas . Obviously they have to go into quarantine for 14 days but the safety and health of our states people must come first. Victoria and New South Wales are really popular tourist spots for international travellers and given what’s happened with The cruise ship in Sydney in March it’s hardly fair to single out WA for wanting to protect its own people.

Fact is Victoria is in the sport with a combination of things which can be blamed on Dan Andrews but also some of Victorians who chose not to follow restrictions.

I don’t see how WA are selfish at all. That’s how I see it but I do understand that frustration and why your thinking that though.

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Yeah I am actually sick of people blaming Daniel Andrews. He wasn’t the one who had sex with hotel residents, he wasn’t the one that drove an Uber after being diagnosed with covid. We need to take responsibility for what we are doing wrong and stop blaming others when things go wrong.


after what i been reading in both the hearld sun and the age . the age is better. yesterday for example the hearld sun was printing that hour by hour victoria was going to be in state wide lockdown right from 12pm till the acctuall presser yesterday . the age didnt even had anything remotley like that. the age didnt print anything till the acctuall presser.then today had the headlienes that metro melbourne and the mitchell shire will be going into a 6 week senctece . ie like they have put into prison . where as the ages headline was city ,back into lockdown:police and army to petrol.

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i have now actually changed by opinions on dan andrews. and it shouldnt matter what side of pollitics your on . and i agree with every thing you say

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