COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

2 days in a row ScoMo has made comments about how he is concerned about the situation in the UK. Probably means he is preparing for a high vaccine threshold for going into phase 2 of the covid exit plan. over 65%

Mad As Hell was brilliant is highlighting his double

speak last night.


South Australia is tightening its state border to Victoria due to recent COVID cases. From midnight tonight, people coming into SA from Melbourne, Geelong and Bacchus Marsh will need to quarantine for 14 days. Anyone coming from other parts of the Victoria will need to undergo testing on days one, five and 13, but will not have to isolate once they get their first test result.
The 70 kilometre border bubble with western Victoria will continue.

I think indicates what places will go into lockdown tonight.

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Regional spared?

Geelong/Surf Coast would surely be included perhaps with the case at Barwon Heads and exposure sites across Geelong

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Time to reopen COVID-19: Melbourne Lockdown:cry:

It’s been open for a couple hours already.

What is he concerned about? Because the UK more than anywhere is showing the vaccines work

He’s a fool. Deflection… “look over there, nothing to see here” he’s a fuckwit.


Shouldn’t Scomo be realising that the vaccine rollout of his precious country here is the worst in the developed world and that what’s happening in the UK and US is way better than his country as they are more vaccinated than multiple Australias combined? Clearly he’s trying to shift the narrative away from his pathetic efforts whilst crowing over ‘his government’s achievements’ in reducing economic loss.

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COVID cases are surging fast in Thailand.

Interesting to read that Thailand Government will use AstraZeneca vaccines to boost immunity among people who have already been given the Sinovac jab. Does it mean Sinovac may not be as effective as many people have thought?

I don’t think anyone ever thought sinovac was a particularly effective vaccine, it’s the cheap, accessible and easy to mass produce option.

At face value, the situation in the UK looks bad, digging into it further though tells a different story.

I suspect there will be quite a few people in the health space who will be keeping a weather eye on what’s happening in the UK as it’s potentially our best indicator of what could happen in the future.

We’ve become sensitive to high (and increasing) case numbers because in unvaccinated populations they have lead to hospitalisations and deaths - it’s going to be hard to shift that thinking when we have decent vaccination numbers.

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Totally agree. But the PM of a nation should not be making face value statements on live Tv about a situation he has not been bothered to understand or be briefed on.

If anything he should be holding up the UK as a reason to encourage aussies to get vaccinated. Pointing out that although cases are surging in the UK with 100% of vunerable people and 66% of all people vaccinated - it’s not leading to hospitalizations and deaths.

That’s a fantastic ad for the vaccine

This guy is a joke

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Man is basically a simpleton - I wouldn’t read anything into it other than he’s just saying stuff for the sake of meeting his daily word count


Maybe in six months time (12 is probably more realistic), Australia will be in a position accept a rising level of cases without mass hospitalisations/deaths.

But nothing short of a 75-80% vaccination rate would be an acceptable number for us to keep everything open again. We’re nowhere near ready yet, so unfortunately lockdowns for major outbreaks will have to continue in Australia indefinitely.

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Once the venerable and age groups that account for 95% of the deaths (that’s generally over 70s + venerable groups) have been offered the vaccine - lockdowns need to become a thing of the past.


I think you mean vulnerable, but good to think of the venerable too because many of the vulnerable are venerable.

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Queensland Update: 1 new local case in home quarantine - mother of case reported yesterday. Victoria to be declared a hot spot.

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