Couples Retreat

Various News Ltd papers have put a name Couples Retreat to the new Nine relationship show.

There, they’ll undergo a variety of counselling exercises at the hands of professionals, a source told News Corp Australia.

As well as essentially being a free holiday, the couples will be paid for their time. But of course, whatever is captured by cameras will be televised.

Casting is now under way and filming is expected to begin later this year.

The casting site also provides some information.

This new TV series is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a break from routine at a beautiful tropical island resort. Our leading experts will give couples a real chance to sort out their issues and rekindle their love.

You can be married, de facto partners or in a long-term relationship to apply.

Token flamboyant gay couple in 3, 2, 1…

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Do we need more relationship reality shows? After Kiss Bang Love flopped on Seven, Nine should be wary of this copycat Seven Year Itch show.

can we put them on Nauru and just ignore them?