Community TV History

I posted this about 2 years ago in the general history thread. I was a bit puzzled about this, but I think I’ve found what this “CTV-1” channel is.

Apparently it consisted of a VCR and an RF modulator + a BBC Micro computer (to generate Teletext in vision) which was hooked up to the community TV antenna on the roof of public housing units in Waterloo and Redfern. 2000 people would have been able to view it. See this vid below:

There was a book written about CTV-1 some years ago but I’ve never read it.

“Promo video” for Channelvision, Canberra’s community TV station, which was only avaibile through TransTV, TransACT’s cable TV service. It became defunct due to the TransACT-iiNet merge.

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Wikipedia says it shut down at some point in 2014.

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Yep that was when the merge happened. But someone actually backed up the TransACT site back-in-the-day:

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Community TV channel ACE TV began transmission in May 1994 and closed December 2002. Its licence was cancelled in 2002 due to a breach of licence conditions. It would be superseded by C31 Adelaide.


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