Community Radio


Koori Radio 93.7 with some kind of transmission problem atm (past couple of hours at least).
Silence but repetitive spikes on spectrum.


We (WHCR FM) use our own site then Hawkesbury Gold and Harmony FM, and I have also noticed Harmony having a weaker signal to Hawkesbury Radio, Gold and WHCR. Not to sure why or if they are not on full power.


Thanks for the correction :smile:


The common programming between 2RPH on 100.5 seems to be in sync theses days, as during last nights particularly strong Sydney reception, there was no noticeable difference when I moved my radio, except in spots where both seemed equal strength creating an unlistenable static sound.

As in years gone by, the audio on the Kings Cross TX was about 5 seconds ahead of Newcastle as it was being fed by satellite.


Audio/service restored yesterday & all seamed okay.
I was installing some new SDR software & first station accessed was Koori Radio 93.7 & after an initial problem I then noted an audio problem. Audio level seams low, distorted a bit, compressed only for 93.7MHz.
Oddly audio seams better on portables than the SDR.
But issue must be the station as only effecting 93.7 & have used two difference SDR software programs. Anyone else in Sydney area noting a difference with Koori Radio FM broadcast transmission today?


Tuned past a community station this morning and noticed them playing a station jingle. It was a well known New York station jingle from a few years ago edited to just the frequency.


Some interesting plans from a couple of Brisbane community radio stations for New Years Eve

Brisbane Youth Radio on 1197AM is going to be doing a live broadcast from the QPAC Rooftop - that will overlook the South Bank fireworks.

Bridge FM 99.7 FM is hosting a live Back To The 80s party at the Normanby Hotel.

And on New Years Day - 4ZZZ is hosting their Hot 100 countdown from The Triffd.

Also - this is the offering from the Community Radio Network satellite service this year for various stations. The Top 110 Australian Songs of the 60s:


Isn’t that just a tad outside their licence area?


A listener on their Facebook page asked the same question. This was the response given:

"This hotel is in our stations footprint we are a north Brisbane and Moreton bay community station and the Normanby is in north Brisbane. "


“North Brisbane” sounds like a very vague reference in that context. I wonder what their FM signal is like near that hotel?


No problems with the signal - coverage would extend across all of Brisbane and well beyond.


Speaking of 99.7fm , it has pretty poor coverage of cronulla beach. Not sure why.


With the conditions as they’ve been in recent days, I wonder if Rhema Newcastle has been interfering with 2SSR-FM even in their own licence area?


Yeah looking at Google maps given the transmitter is located at Sutherland , I can see why. There isnt the LOS westwards there near the beach but excellent to the north.


Brisbane band WAAX have taken out this year’s 4ZZZ Hot 100 with “Labrador”. Keep an eye on this in the not dissimilar triple j countdown either


An editorial by Brad Smart on Radioinfo:
Community Radio: Heroes or just cowboys?


2GCR Goulburn has relaunched as RAM FM.


Brad Smart has some good points, but he fails to give any evidence for his claim that some stations are rolling in money like Scrooge McDuck, because if they were they wouldn’t be doing fund-raising appeals every year.


Goulburn… Home to the EAGLE and the RAM.

When 2GN converts to FM later this year, they should get in on the animal act… GOAT FM maybe?


There’s a line I’d love to use here re a particular network, but I’ll hold my tongue as I don’t wish to offend the very good work some of their employees do for their boss/employer. :grin: