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Bay FM for the Redland/Wynnum sub metro licence area in Brisbane’s east could come a cropper on all three matters that ACMA have raised.

They have a 40% commission to two ‘consultants’ (fmr commercial types, been out for decades) and have been known to engage agencies to find clients for the station which has had a high turnover of clients since they got into the place. Ads have aired/are airing for Tweed Heads and Ipswich businesses among others.


Community stations promoting themselves for national campaigns, and station job ads reading like an ad for an advertising sales executive, could be contributing to ACMA’s ‘concerns’.

Christian community stations combined, and individual, sales:

Hope 103.2 sales job ad:


Christian stations shouldn’t have community licences, they are all ran like businesses.


Christian stations shouldn’t have frequencies. :wink:


Try to interpret this licence plan map for swr. I am looking at grey area right? Strange there is a big gap in the middle?


I think the grey is supposed to mean that area is not a built up residential area. But that map is seriously out of date.


Ignore the poor quality map and view it via google earth


Yes- though how long before the McMansions encroach on the Horsley Park massif?


Thanks huge difference. HHH suppose to cover Brooklyn and Wiseman Ferry. I think they need a repeater or two. Dont think it is technically possible all areas at 200 w given the terrain.


And the 200w would be in place to help minimise overspill.


I wonder if they could have another low power repeater on 100.1 at Brooklyn and Wiseman at low power. Or would the co channel be too messy. Maybe 99.9 at Brooklyn and 100.3 at Wiseman Ferry. It would need to be in valley to avoid interference with other services.


That will depend on $$$, whether 2HHH think it’s in their best interests to do so and whether the residents really want it.

Frequencies like 89.5 and 90.7 are probably more suitable.


True. Let say you have an open cheque book, do radio operators have to spend a lot of money to prove there is reception issue? I wonder with 2ws when they converted to fm did they immediately ask for the repeaters or would they need to through months of red tape. Similarly say if hhh wanted to move the TX is there a lot of red tape (due to the new apartments blocking reception)?


Bound to be red tape.

This is Australia after all, red tape country.



This would create a mush zone around so many edges in coverage. It would be nightmarish.

Much better spacing.

The translators came with the LAPs that the ABA released that gave rise to the two new FM licences.

They could very well be a legacy request of previous management prior to the cutbacks at ARN when 2WS moved to North Ryde and began automating the hell out of it and did similar to Mix.


According to the Herald Sun, John Oliver is hanging up his headphones today after 25 years on air at Melbourne’s JOY FM. Oliver, who founded the station in 1993, will co-host drive today from 4pm to 7pm AEDT.


And so the Hawkesbury farce continues:

New timesharing arangement:

  • 12:00 Saturday-12:00 Monday (48 hrs): Hawkesbury Valley Community Radio Association Inc. (HVCR)
  • 12:00 Monday-00:00 Wednesday (36 hrs): Consortium of Australian Media Services Inc–Windsor Hawkesbury Community Radio (CAMS-WHCR)
  • 00:00 Wednesday-00:00 Thursday (24 hrs): Hawkesbury Harmony Community Radio (HHCR)
  • 00:00 Thursday-12:00 Saturday (60 hrs): Hawkesbury Community Radio Inc.


HHH is back on full power


I am currently listening to a bit of Harmony FM (this new TBCL).

They seem to be using the Hawkesbury Gold TX site (that WHCR also uses), as reception here isn’t particularly good (only Hawkesbury Radio, the original licensee, has a decent signal where I am).

Given there’s now 4 TBCLs, I think they should make another frequency available for timesharing until a new permanent licence is granted. Possibly 90.7, though it may be a bit too close to 90.5 at Parramatta?


Is that some kind of a record for the number of stations sharing a frequency within a week?
Have heard of it happening with two or three TCBL stations in the past.