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Alex Nation (who won Richie Strahan’s heart on The Bachelor last year) is co-hosting a Friday evening show on Melbourne’s Southern 88.3FM with Luke Forrest and Jay Bruno. The show is called Jay, Foz and Alex, and airs from 6pm to 8pm.


It’s no 2DayFM or Sea FM Gold Coast breakfast, is it?


No, Alex is earning her stripes on community radio and hopes her show will be picked up by commercial radio one day.


Now that the Royal Easter Show has started in Sydney, Show Fm is now wipping out Move Fm on 107.9mhz from Lithgow here at Stanhope Gardens. Does anyone know where its transmitter site is, and it’s ERP?

Also there is something now on 89.5mhz in Sydney they are now playing country music / Anzac tribute songs. Does anyone know what this is and where it broadcasts?

On a final note 88.0 Penrith has launched and is Air Fm, they now announce the station and have local ads.


I think Show Radio transmits from somewhere at (or near) Olympic Park? Anyway I wouldn’t really class Show Radio as community station though, more like a temporary broadcast.

Also I know they stream but it’s a great shame the station isn’t on DAB+ because that would really widen their coverage. Perhaps a great idea for next year, Sydney commercial radio networks take note!

Unfortunately I can’t seem to receive that one.


I assume this is it


Site: Royal Easter Show Radio Broadcast Site 1 Showground Rd Sydney Showground HOMEBUSH BAY NSW 2140


89.5Mhz is also Show Radio it is about 1min behind 107.9. Why not just use 89.5 and leave 107.9 free?

I guess this is why Move Fm have to use a landline to feed Wentworth Falls. If they attenpted to receive 107.9 off air they could end up rebroadcasting Show Radio!


I don’t think Show FM would interfere with 107.9 up at Wentworth Falls, particularly when you consider that they would use a directional antenna to get the 107.9 signal from Mt Lambie for rebroadcasting on 99.5


This is what all reality types should be doing. No management team scooping 30% there, most likely done it of her own volition.

The 107.9 signal from Mt Lambie is not the best beyond Katoomba, the coverage of the translators, even worse.


Yet I can get 99.5 better than 107.9 up here near Newcastle.
101.1 isn’t as good as 99.5 either.


This can only end well.


There are ways to cut that $75,000 yr down by mixing audio via software, using el cheapo Chinese cabling and general cost cutting.

I’m running 2 full blown internal video only streams with another 2 getting installed tomorrow with a recording device, all using cheap Ethernet cabling, and other cheap Chinese equipment.

Transmitters cant really be done on the cheap, there are requirements to be fulfilled.

Not saying the council should cut funding though.


Former Gold FM breakfast presenter Richard Fowler is returning to the Gold Coast to present breakfast on 94.1FM, starting from Monday 1st May. Current breakfast presenter Gary Boughen will move to drive.



That is interesting. I recall a few people asking some questions about his departure from Gold last year - fascinating he should choose to return to working on the Gold Coast’s pseudo-commercial competitor

I just hope the oldies listening can handle the sudden change of announcers in the mornings


Locals finally getting onto the story of Dickie Fowler to 94.1 FM:

[details=Summary]Former Gold FM Richard, Bridge and Spida co-host Rich Fowler turns to Gold Coast community radio

THE former king of Gold Coast breakfast radio Richard Fowler is back on city airwaves from Monday — but not with the station that made his name.

The 61-year-old who pulled pin on his Gold FM show contract in July last year — seven months early — is the new breakfast host for community station 94.1 FM.

Since parting from his Gold FM co-hosts Bridge Daley and Spida Everitt, Fowler has married partner Sherie and spent a lot of time back in New Zealand helping his 84-year-old mother recuperate from knee surgery.

He will be back in his old Gold FM timeslot from 5am to 9am but says his new gig will be far more “relaxed”.

“There is no pressure of sales, ratings or share prices.”

He wasn’t actively looking to return to radio but said 94.1 FM CEO and good mate Gary Field had convinced him — and it wasn’t about the money.

“It’s beer money. If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t do it.”

The pair did the deal over a handshake with Fowler allowed to take any time off he needs to go visit his mother.

“Gary has said take off as much time as you want. It’s a very relaxed arrangement rather than being locked into a massive contract.”

Fowler will be the sole host but said with 94.1 FM the music was the star and it was not so much about the talent behind the mike.

“It’s important for me to fit into the radio station and see where it’s at compared to what I’m used to. I’m not going to be going in there all whistles and bells going ‘Hey, I’m funny’.”

As for wife Sherie, she said she wasn’t dreading a return to early-morning starts, saying he tended to get up about 5am anyway.

“Plus I never used to wake up. But I am going to miss the cups of tea and breakfast now. He would make that.”

Richard Fowler’s wife Sherie says she won’t be too bothered by him returning to early morning starts for his new breakfast radio show on 94.1 FM because she never used to wake up anyway.

Mr Field said there were two reasons he wanted Fowler for 94.1 FM: “He’s a very good broadcaster and he has a very high profile on the Gold Coast

They first met in 1999 when Fowler was reading the news for Prime’s Channel Seven and Mr Field was the production manager.

Fowler replaces 94.1 FM breakfast host Gary Boughen who is moving to fill the afternoon drive show vacated by Mr Field.

Mr Field was involved in starting the station four years ago and securing its community licence, saying he felt there was a gap in the Coast market for a music station aimed at the 45-plus demographic.[/details]


SWR-FM in Sydney’s West has now branded themselves as “SWR Triple 9”, and also unveils a new logo, as well as its new website:


Nice looking logo! I like it.

But I hate those “Triple 9” type IDs.
Absolutely nothing wrong with Ninety Nine Point Nine.

And I liked the “SWAR FM” name.
I hope they’ve kept that style of station ID.


70’s to now music seems to be used as a program filler looking at their schedule.

Music that can be easily accessed from a wide range of other sources, radio and non-radio.

There are points of difference they could have gone with but have not.


I have SWR (sorry, SWR Triple 9) as my default music station whilst mobile. The 70s-now “default” format is workaday, true, but the variety hits WSFM for six. Thanks to a terrific transmitter site at Horsley Park it covers >90% of the Sydney Basin; Mittagong (south), Mount Victoria (west), and Mount White (north) at the extremes. Not bad for 100-200 watts.

Given these results, one could make a solid case for Horsley Park as the primary transmission site for high powered Sydney FM and TV (but I digress).


From my observations, SWR-FM is one of the more professional sounding suburban community radio stations in the Sydney area. I haven’t heard the station as SWR Triple 9 yet, but I’m sure that will happen soon enough.