Confusing article so basically

Early Start is now CNN This Morning and will air 5-7 and News Central will now start at 7am


Altogether from CNN or just being moved to other positions? Both are big losses.

Both are great talent. Hope they get new roles.

In discussion about new roles, reportedly.

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Jake Tapper and John King on the Magic Wall

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Has anyone noticed we’re not getting The Situation Room by default in Australia right now.

It’s replaced with a CNNI market focused show.

I would argue Wolf is CNN’s most famous global anchor. You would have thought his newscast should be seen world wide.

I know they’re trying to switch focus to Jake, and Anderson is definitely famous. But surely we in Australia should still get an hour of Wolf each day.


I believe it’s to do with CNN Max, as CNN Max carries a CNNi feed at different times, avoiding US content enough as to not piss off cable companies in the US.

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The new CNN dayside schedule is launching next Monday. As a result, the existing schedule has bid farewell. Poppy and Mattingly even acknowledged the NY-based dayside production team is also being phased out:

As for CNN News Central (from NY), Berman, Bolduan and Sidner announced their new morning time slot as a “revolution on morning television”, and promised “more news, less waiting, fewer chairs” in comparison to its competitors. The program will still air from their NY studio but will now be produced from Techwood going forward. Here’s how it was handled.

Worth noting Pamela Brown’s new show, “The Bulletin”, won’t launch until Spring, when her maternity leave is over. In the meantime, a temporary “CNN Newsroom” hour with Wolf Blitzer from Washington will take over from 11am, making two hours of CNN Newsroom in the interim.

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Do we know what Harlow and Mattingly are doing next?

You’d think Mattingly would return to the Washington bureau given the election is this year.


Mattingly is apparently staying in NY (having uprooted his whole family from DC less than a year ago).

To do what?

I find it weird they’ve given Jim Acosta an hour but not Phil and Poppy.

Phil and Poppy are definitely a great team.


CNN has fully moved now to Techwood, with a new full fledged studio. There is also a DTL setup, currently used for Rosemary Church’s Newsroom hour.

It has been a quite cumbersome debut, with both Amara Walker and Fredericka Whitfeld off for scheduled holiday, although Victor Blackwell handled the debut quite well. As a result from Fred’s vacation, Omar Jimenez stepped in from NY (and even worse, in a DTL setup with NY backdrop).


CNNI’s coverage of the eclipse yesterday was second to none. Led by Richard Quest in their new Atlanta studio, with guests and props galore! (At one point they even went up onto the roof) I’ll try and find some videos and post them because it really was a joy to watch. (Also one of the guests was called Tom Riddle!)


Poppy Harlow is leaving CNN in May.

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I really liked Poppy.


The pushback graphic for the Trump trial is now disproportionately wider - How much more sexually-graphic details do we need?

(From this video)

For comparison, this is the before (I don’t know why they need to put a carousel of stills of the ladies below the newsroom shot…):

(From here)

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I do love that graphic. It’s a very clever technique.

CNN Chile has updated to the Licht lower thirds… Not without a mix-up with the old one initially. The ticker looks off too.

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