CNN’s head honcho Jeff Zucker has acknowledged his network’s ratings and morale have lifted since the network began more openly criticising the Trump Administration. The interview was taken in light of a clash of words between CNN’s White House correspondent and the President in a press conference, in which Trump called CNN “very fake news”.

Zucker claims that internal investigations into CNN’s brand have shown that the network’s decision to more aggressively refute often-bogus claims by the White House has not damaged the channel’s credibility.

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CNN a pathetic news channel.


Why do you say that?

Seriously, your attacking someone’s political views and calling them names?
Maybe he just doesn’t like CNN, same as Former Labor Premier Bob Carr, who I tend to agree with when he says that during breaking news CNN are showing ‘Inside Africa’ or ‘World Sport’ - not really reliable.


Because CNN these days is just so bias against Trump, they keep attacking Trump non stop 24/7 & yes Trump is a bit of a nut case that deserves to be attacked but when necessarily, I like a news channel that covers news in a fair & balanced way.


You are right, I don’t really like CNN, I prefer FOX News even through they can be a bit Republican bias sometimes & no I’m not a Trump fan, I never said I was, but I am prepared to give the guy a chance & there’s nothing wrong with that.

just a bit, sometimes.

raises an interesting question, Presidents’s administration is in chaos, CNN reports that it’s in chaos, isn’t that just them reporting the news?

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Yeah basically.

That’s a fair enough position to take. It certainly has been interesting watching the narrative unfold.

However, Fox appears to be abandoning Trump as well. Shep Smith, who anchors Fox’s breaking news coverage from mega-iPadland, berated Trump’s press conference performance yesterday. Then, later in the day, Fox published an exclusive report allegedly implicating Trump in the Flynn Affair.

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CNN is doing exactly what the media should. Hold him accountable for the bullshit lies

That’s not “attacking”

It’s the role of the media.

I would have to agree, CNN is terrible, infact none of the major Networks cover him probably, infact they do it all the time with everything. Remember those “Leaked Documents” about Trump being peed on? Well they were fake from the beginning, and was proven, they never told anyone. You just can’t do that, you can’t just report on something that is fake and make it seem like it happened. Journalism should be reporting on the truth, not fake news. Another example was Trump’s Mexico Wall, a lot of people were unaware that there was already a wall/fence. They made it look like Trump just wanted to erect a wall for no reason because he could.
They make him look evil, why? He’s the good guy! He won, people like him, people follow him, people agree with him!


Trump does a pretty good job of making himself
Look evil. Did you see the press conference yesturday? The guy is unhinged. Left and right agrees he’s a nut case.

I find it baffling how people can easily identify right-wing media, such as The Herald Sun, The Daily Tele, The Australian, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Fox News, The New York Post etc.

Yet they’re completely puzzled when it comes to identifying left-wing media. It just doesn’t exist. All left-wing media is fair and honest…

Media organisations are not descended from above. They are not holy. They are BUSINESSES. They all contain bias, they all contain presenters and contributors who have their own bias, they all contain editing and story selection which fits the narrative that THEIR viewers want to hear.

How is this so hard to understand?

You can’t give Trump a hard time for highlighting the left-wing media when Obama basically black-listed the only right-wing TV news media (Fox News).

Some of their coverage of Trump is very fair. Alot is just shrieking, wailing nonsense.


Oh and as for CNN Chris Cuomo is the absolute worst. Van Jones is worse, but so much of a joke that I can’t even treat him as a serious contributor.


So, we’re actually having an important conversation about CNN here.

Yet a guy that just posted this:

…a nasty attack on another member of this forum, asks for our posts to be cleaned up because they’re a mess.

You couldn’t make it up. Unhinged.


So my comment about how bad Van Jones is got deleted. I would now assume that any comments critising any on-air talent/host will also be deleted?

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There’s a fine line difference between the reporting the facts and then twisting the facts that suit the agenda of the channel. What happened to journalists and news channel reporting the facts and not being bias?

I think everyone wants to give CNN a free ride because they don’t like the current president. Well he’s won. They need to stop reporting fake news to discredit the president and report what’s current.

Nothing says it worse when people don’t like the administration so they feel the need to preperate fake news to discredit the prsident.

Then again Trump does it make easy for them. Still there, just because you don’t like someone does not mean you should participate in making up lies to discredit. Defamation springs to mind. There’s been a lot of it on CNN’s part.

CNN slept with Obama, probably didn’t give Bush a chance, so its’ not so surprising that they are attacking Mr.Trump on all fronts.

Like the democrats, they didn’t get the result they wanted so now they are acting out.

Says a lot about journalism currently.


What fake news / lies has CNN reported?

(The one I know of was the buzzfeee story or Russian hookers peeing on a bed and CNN at the time said it was an unconfirmed report - which it was) and later apologized.

Other than that - what fake news have they spread?

And you know trump lies to the american public every day right?

Whatever their blogs tell them.

I’ve learnt that there’s no point arguing with the stupid of the alt right. They’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

This is not accurate. CNN aired a report about the documents, but made no mention of those details. Buzzfeed then released the reported documents. CNN did not apologise, nor did they need to.