Classic NZ TV Listings

Today’s TV: Sunday 23 January 1983
from the NZ Listener

TV One
Noon Big League Soccer
12.50 Tomorrow’s World
12.55 Secret World of Reptiles
2.25 The 1982 World Ski Championships
3.25 The 1981 Rolex International Kentucky Horse Trials
3.50 The Pink Panther Show
4.10 The Wonderful World of Disney - Mountain Born
5.00 Pacific Journey
5.30 The Danedyke Mystery (Part 3) (Rpt)
6.00 Day One
6.30 News
6.45 World Watch
7.00 Secombe with Music
7.50 Country Calendar (Rpt)
8.05 The Edwards Interviews
8.35 Water Under the Bridge (Part 4)
9.20 News
9.35 Whoops Apocalypse (Part 3) (Rpt)
10.00 Summertime Movie: True Grit (1969) (Rpt)
12.00am News
12.05 The Late Movie: When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (1978)
1.35 Closedown

Noon Sunday Matinee: The Neptune Factor (1973) (Rpt)
1.35 The Bob Newhart Show (Rpt)
2.00 Claudio Arrau: Beethoven Concert (Rpt)
2.55 To Russia for Burns
3.20 The Christians (Part 12)
4.10 Stepping Out (Rpt)
5.00 Jane Austen and Her World (Part 5, final) (Rpt)
5.25 Sing to the Lord (Rpt)
5.55 News
6.00 Jean Michel Cousteau’s People of the Sea
6.20 The Week with 2
6.30 Kidflicks (Kids’ Movie): The Last Giraffe (1979) (Rpt)
8.05 Three’s Company
8.30 Sunday Movie: The Strangers in 7A (1972) (Rpt)
9.45 A Gala Concert
Live from the Sydney Opera House (via satellite)
11.00 A Piece of Cake
11.30 A Gala Concert (Continued)
Live from the Sydney Opera House (via satellite)
1.10am Closedown

On the evening of Sunday 23 January 1983, two of the greatest singers to have ever lived joined forces at the Sydney Opera House for an unforgettable concert which was broadcast on the ABC. Under conductor Richard Bonynge, Dame Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavarotti performed some of opera’s most popular arias and duets, revisiting key moments from their careers, shining both separately and together.

Critics labelled it ‘an evening of history’ and secured Sydney’s place as a great opera city.

In New Zealand, the concert was broadcast live via satellite on TV2 (now TVNZ 2) at 9.45pm that night. According to the NZ Listener, the concert would continue after the next programme (A Piece of Cake) which was scheduled to air at 11pm.


Hi Paddy. Thank you so much for the effort! Brings back memories


Hi Paddy. Do you have the TV listings for 26/08/72? That’s the date, I believe NZBC showed the first-ever live international Rugby match. It was Australia v Hawke’s Bay played in Napier. I’ve heard they only showed the 2nd half, but I’m not too sure

@Skud Papers Past has old NZ TV listings via Christchurch’s The Press until 1979, but it is intended that more listings (from 1980 until 1995) will be added sometime in the future.

On the afternoon of Saturday 26 August 1972, the NZBC screened the first half of an international rugby match (Australia v Hawke’s Bay) which was televised live… I think. This was followed by the second half of a domestic football match (Christchurch United v Wellington City).

Here are the listings for that day, as seen on CHTV3 Christchurch:

Saturday 26 August 1972 (CHTV3)
from The Press

2.00pm Headline News
2.03 The Beverly Hillbillies
2.28 Saturday Grandstand
Includes international rugby (Australia v Hawke’s Bay - first half) and football (Christchurch United v Wellington City - second half)
5.06 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp (Rpt)
5.33 Headline News and Weather
5.36 Pin Point
6.01 Why Is It So
6.13 Happen Inn
7.00 Network News
7.22 Weather / The South on Saturday
7.45 Break 21 (Final)
8.15 Jason King
9.13 Newsbrief
9.15 Saturday
9.43 The Borgia Stick
11.27 Late News and Weather
11.33 The Continuing Story of the Shameful Secrets of Hastings Corner
Followed by Closedown


Today’s TV: Friday 24 January 1992
from the NZ Listener

TV One
11.45am Teletext in Vision
Noon Newhart (Rpt, G)
12.30 ABC World News Tonight
1.00 Film on One: The Waltons’ Crisis (1973)
2.55 Last of the Summer Wine (Rpt, G)
3.20 Ocean Quest (Part 5, final) (Rpt, G)
4.20 Kate & Allie (Rpt, G)
4.50 Emmerdale
5.25 The Upper Hand
6.00 One Network News
6.30 Holmes
7.00 Sale of the Century
7.30 Te Wero - The Challenge
8.00 The Bill
8.30 Around the World in Eighty Days (Final) (Rpt, G)
9.40 Taggart - Death Call (Part 3, final) (Rpt, AO)
10.50 One Network News
11.00 Mini-Series: Billionaires’ Boys Club (Part 2, final) (Rpt, PGR)
12.55am Closedown

Channel 2
6.00am Arthur! and the Square Knights of the Round Table (Rpt, G)
6.30 The Bullwinkle Show
7.00 The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (Rpt, G)
7.25 Jem (Rpt, G)
8.00 ITN World News
8.30 Punkin Pass and Mushmouse (Rpt, G)
8.40 Sesame Street (G)
9.35 Mac and Mutley
10.05 Aerobics Oz Style
10.30 Neighbours (Rpt, G)
11.00 Santa Barbara
Noon The Young and the Restless
1.00 Days of Our Lives
2.00 Who’s the Boss? (Rpt, G)
2.30 ALF (Rpt, G)
2.55 Brum (Rpt, G)
3.10 Maya the Bee (G)
3.35 Babar (G)
4.00 The Jetsons (Rpt, G)
4.30 Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
5.00 The Bugs Bunny Show
6.00 Studs
6.30 Wheel of Fortune
7.00 Neighbours (G)
7.30 Totally Hidden Video (Double episode) (Rpt, G)
8.30 The Flash (AO)
9.30 Top Cops (AO)
10.30 In Living Color (AO)
11.05 Hot Summer Concerts on 2 - Marianne Faithfull: Blazing Away (G)
12.15am Industrial Symphony
1.20 Friday Late Movie: The Last Detail (1973) (AO)
3.10 Movie: Thieves Like Us (1974) (AO)
5.05 A-Z Video Gold (Continues to 6am)

6.25am EBS (Final), including:
6.25 Aunties’ Alphabet (Rpt, G)
6.30 Pinocchio (Rpt, G)
7.00 Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (Rpt, G)
7.30 Police Academy (Rpt, G)
8.00 Mickey Mouse Club (Rpt, G)

8.30 Closedown
Noon The Bold and the Beautiful (PGR)
12.30 Generations
1.00 3 Sport - The Gillette Sensor Summer of Tennis
1991 Australian Open (semifinals) - live from Flinders Park, Melbourne. Includes newsbreak at 6pm
7.30 TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes (G)
8.30 Friday Night at the Movies: The Woman in Red (1984) (AO)
10.30 Nightline
11.05 3 Sport - NBA Action
12.05am Late Movie: Witchcraft (1988) (AO)
2.05 Closedown

Sky Sport
6.00am ESPN Direct - Bodies in Motion
6.30 Bodyshaping
7.00 Scholastic Sports America
7.30 Black College Sports Today
8.00 Women’s Volleyball
10.00 Global Supercard Wrestling
11.00 Motoworld
11.30 Thoroughbred Digest
Noon Up Close
12.30 Skiing
Mogul Tour - from Sunday River, Maine
1.00 Sky Sport - Tennis
1991 Australian Open (semifinals) - live from Flinders Park, Melbourne
5.00 Muscle Magazine
5.30 Gillette World Sport Special
6.00 Football
English Football League 1991/92 (highlights)
7.00 Tennis
1991 Australian Open (semifinals) - match of the day
9.30 Snooker
Scottish Regal Masters
11.30 Boxing - Grudge Fights of the Century
12.30am ESPN Direct - College Basketball
NCAA - Lasalle v Temple
2.30 The Sunkist Kids
3.00 Basic Training Workout
3.30 Bodyshaping
4.00 Hummingbird Bass and Golf Celebrity Tournament
5.00 Getting Fit with Denise Austin
5.30 Body by Jake (Continues to 6am)

Sky News (CNN)
CNN News 24 hours a day, plus
BBC News at 7am & 7pm and One Network News (TVNZ) at 8.30pm

Sky Movies
Noon Nostalgia at Noon: Death Rides a Horse (1969) (GY)
2.00 The Fantastic Adventures of Yohko Leda (1985) (G)
3.10 Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet (1984) (G)
4.00 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1989) (GY)
6.00 Independence (1987) (GY)
8.00 American Flyers (1985) (GY)
10.00 When Harry Met Sally (1989) (GA)
11.40 Blaze (1989) (GA)
1.34am Closedown

Canterbury Television (CTV), Christchurch
5.00pm Susan Sells (G)
5.30 First Report (News)
6.00 What Would You Do? (G)
6.30 Horse-Power Racing Preview
7.30 The Bush Tucker Man
8.00 First Report (News) (Rpt)
8.30 The Evening Movie: Stalag 17 (1953) (PGR)
10.40 Susan Sells (Rpt, G)
11.10 Closedown

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Today’s TV: Friday 25 January 1985
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.50am Sport on One Special - Cricket
NZ v Pakistan - second test, day one; live from Eden Park, Auckland
Noon Lunchtime Movie: Heaven Knows, Mr Allison (1957) (Rpt)
1.40 Bewitched (Rpt)
2.05 Sesame Street (Rpt)
3.05 Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
3.25 Aubrey (Rpt)
3.35 Flipper (Rpt)
4.00 Sport on One Special - Cricket (Continued)
NZ v Pakistan - second test, day one; live from Eden Park, Auckland
6.30 News
7.00 Journey Into Thailand (Part 5)
7.30 Coronation Street (Double episode)
8.15 Alison Holst Cooks (Rpt)
8.35 Let Me Speak (Part 3)
9.05 Dad’s Army (Rpt)
9.35 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
10.25 How Much Can You Drink? (Rpt)
11.15 News
11.20 Late Movie: Fail-Safe (1964) (Rpt)
1.05am Closedown

Noon Sports Special - Cricket
NZ v Pakistan - second test, day one; live from Eden Park, Auckland (continued from TV One)
1.05 I Dream of Jeannie (Rpt)
1.35 Sports Special - Cricket (Continued)
NZ v Pakistan - second test, day one; live from Eden Park, Auckland
3.40 Portraits of Power
4.05 Friday Afternoon Movie: Let’s Do It Again (1953) (Rpt)
5.50 News
6.00 The Young Doctors
6.30 Solid Gold
7.25 Batman (Double episode)
8.25 Mini-Series: The Jackson Route (Part 3, final)
10.10 News
10.25 WKRP in Cincinnati (Rpt)
10.55 The Rockford Files
11.50 Closedown

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Thank you so much, Paddy!


Today’s TV: Thursday 26 January 1978
from the NZ Listener

TV One
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.30 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Scotch Corner (Final) (Rpt)
1.25 Days of Our Lives
2.15 Sesame Street
3.15 Rex the Dog
3.35 The Wonderful World of Brother Buzz (Rpt)
3.55 Elephant Boy (Rpt)
4.20 Gomer Pyle, USMC
4.45 Wonderful World of Magic (Rpt)
5.10 Here Come the Brides (Rpt)
6.00 The Muppet Show (Rpt)
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
7.00 Coronation Street
7.30 The Adventure World of Sir Edmund Hillary (Starting tonight, part 1) (Rpt)
8.00 Doctor at Sea (Rpt)
8.30 News
8.40 The Life and Death of Penelope (Part 5) (Rpt)
9.40 Summertime Movie: The Informers (1965) (B&W)
11.30 News and Weather
11.35 Closedown

South Pacific Television (SPTV)
3.00pm Romper Room (Double episode)
3.45 Rainbow
4.00 Search for Tomorrow
4.20 The Mothers-in-Law (Rpt)
4.45 Lucas Tanner (Rpt)
5.35 The Beverly Hillbillies (Rpt)
6.00 First Edition (News)
6.15 Entertainment Special - The Gordon MacRae Show (Rpt)
6.30 Phyllis
7.00 Bless This House (Rpt)
7.30 The Mod Squad
8.30 Honeymoon Suite
10.00 Late Edition (News)
10.10 Twelve O’Clock High (Final) (B&W)
Followed by Closedown

All programmes in colour unless otherwise specified.

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Is there any synopsis for this?

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Rex the Dog was a children’s series from Scottish Television (now STV) in the 1970s and its title character, Rex, was described by the NZ Listener as ‘the lovable dog who prefers to play with rabbits instead of hunting them’.

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Would you happen to know when in 1995 Channel 2 changed its logo?

During the summer of 1994/95 TVNZ hired an Australian, going by the name of Mike Lattin, as its Director of Programming. The Channel 2 logo was changed in 1995 to a symbol that was similar to the iconic BBC2 logo from the early 1990s. At the same time, it was announced on-air as “TV2”.

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