Christmas/festive season ads

Here’s a British ad i found - about the Nativity scene… did they have to put all those pearl necklaces on that young girl?

Maybe they were trying to make the costume look homemade? (tongue in cheek) I think most angels might take exception to the idea that they wear pearls. (tongue in cheek)

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I love how British advertisers aren’t averse to stumping up the money needed to compliment their ads with great soundtracks.

The Boots UK christmas campaign is one of my favourites this year. I got chills the first time I saw it.


I’ll tell ya one that doesn’t tug my heart strings…

Target’s prolonged Christmas ad this year.

Bloody annoying but catchy.

:notes: “Muuust be Saaanta…” :notes:


It’s a great ad and a great song. The original arrangement of that song is a top 5 for me of all time, but I do love the mix they commissioned for this one too. I grabbed it off iTunes a couple of weeks back.


My favourite - I think the cover is better then the orignal here too

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The Brits seldom disappoint with their Christmas ads. Love this 2018 John Lewis ad featuring Elton John about the power of a childhood gift and how it can set you on your course in life. Disappointed to see a bit of hate in online comments from people about it but it gave me goosebumps when I watched it.


Notwithstanding the fact that it’s a bit early for Christmas stuff - I lament every year that the Christmas ad isn’t something that we see a lot of here (I did see a few weeks ago Target have given it a decent go this year).

I’m not the worlds biggest Christmas fan, but there is something about a really well made Christmas ad.

As for that John Lewis ad - it feels more like a promo for the Elton John biopic that is coming out next year then a Christmas ad - good ad though.

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Piano versions of theme music for some of ITV’s iconic shows, including The Chase, went to air to tie in with the John Lewis ad campaign and social media went into meltdown.

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