Channel Ten On Air Presentation Summer 2009-2010


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Was a good era during the golden years of the network

Was it though? personally their golden era ended for me a few years before this. I guess if we are comparing this period to the last few years then it is a golden era.

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Golden era ended in 2007 IMO

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Yep, 06/07 time for me as well.

You can still see the youthful creativity there. It probably was around 2010/11 when Ten lost its shine.

So when they went all-in on their expanded News coverage then.

All that expenditure probably was the last straw, that is what got the then-major shareholders like Gina Reinhart, James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch worked up when the numbers did not deliver the benefit they would expect with the simultaneous move to targeting 25-54s.

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