Channel Nine On-Air Presentation 2009-12




Sponsor Billboard: 4:3

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Standard (4:3)
Gold Coast

PRG: 4:3

Promo endtags: all 4:3


Awful theme, looked like a cheap powerpoint template


Perfect summary



While I’d definitely say that the last two On-Air Presentation packages we’ve seen from Nine were better, I still think this was (for the time - obviously I wouldn’t suggest a return to this style in 2018) the strongest look they had since dropping the dots in 2006.

Although when you consider how bad of a shape Nine were back in 2009, they probably needed to reassure the Australian public that things were improving at the network by using the tagline “Welcome Home” and graphics which had a “classic Nine” style to them after the branding disasters such as the removal (and later return) of the dots, “we :heart: tv” and the “Choose” package.


Channel Nine Brisbane/Gold Coast
Home Of Brisbane Festival Promo/Ident


Promo endtags from Nine Perth on August or September 2010:



Content from Nine Sydney on 20/6/2010

Promo endtags:

Logo bug (HD? Pfft!):


I’m not really sure if the full short-lived Perth/Adelaide dotless version of the standard Welcome Home ident exists on YT. All I can find is the Olympics version…

@WAtvVideos might have one, but didn’t upload it…


Nope, never seen one. Very rare.


This is the Olympics variant for those wondering what it looked like:


A blue and white motif was the theme during the era. The Nine dots became spheres once again with “Welcome Home” the slogan.

Nine Adelaide and Perth then O&O’ed by WIN didnt bought back the dots until March 2010.