Channel Nine On-Air Presentation: 2002-04

I think we’ve adequately covered Larry Emdur now, thanks.


2003 Still the One promo recorded from TCN-9 Sydney.

An all time classic with Jamie Durie falling out of a wheelbarrow at the end before the logo and “Still the One” appears.

Bonus: Jamie Durie rolls out of a wheelbarrow


That evening, Andrew Lockett from New Zealand reached the Million Dollar Question, but walked away.

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He won $500k. After walking away Eddie McGuire asked the contestant what answer he would have preferred. Had he got it wrong, he would have lost $468k. Had this person got the wrong answer he would have put in?


More caps from Channel 9 Adelaide in late 2002


Caps from Nine Melbourne 25/4/2003

Friday/Green PRG + Watermark:

Promo Endtags:

‘All New Tuesday’ Promo:


In this episode, Molly Meldrum reached the Million Dollar Question before bailing out with $500K.

Caps from Channel Nine Sydney 31/8/2003

Promo Endtags:

‘Big Sunday Premiere Movies’ Promo:


Caps from Channel Nine Sydney - Friday 18/4/2003:



Promo Endtags:

Tuesday Night Promo:

Movies Promo:


Caps from Nine Perth - Thursday 20/11/2003


Frasier Break Bumpers:

Promo Endtags:

“Big Events” Promo:


Taken off Channel 9 Adelaide in 6 July 2003

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I wonder how that Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Mark Philippoussis rated.

As we all know, it would be the first of 20 Majors that Federer would win.

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The ratings for Wimbledon Men’s final in 2003 failed to make the top 20 in the 2003 ratings year.

Which is understandable given the late-starting time in Australia.

Though for another topic, the most-watched tennis match in Australia ever remains the 2005 Australian Open men’s final.

I know given the fact, that it is shown during overnight. Correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t Friday’s Wimbledon night was shown on delay given that they had AFL in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and NRL in Sydney and Brisbane?

Screencaps from Channel Nine Melbourne (28 September 2003)


most likely, though I wouldn’t really know.

Once, in 2005, Nine televised an NRL match between the Wests Tigers and Sea Eagles live at 7:30pm (back then matches were delayed by an hour) so they could televise the Federer vs Hewitt Wimbledon semi-final live.

In the AFL that night, Collingwood upset reigning premiers Port Adelaide at (what was then known as) Telstra Dome.

Taken off Channel 9 Melbourne on 21 August 2004

Looks quite ironic when they did promotions of A Red hot Wednesday lineup.
Last week before a slight tweak in the on air presentation with Helvetica Font.

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Taken off Nine Sydney in April 2004

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Taken off GTV-9 on 29 August 2003

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