Channel Nine On-Air Presentation: 2002-04

I know given the fact, that it is shown during overnight. Correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t Friday’s Wimbledon night was shown on delay given that they had AFL in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and NRL in Sydney and Brisbane?

Screencaps from Channel Nine Melbourne (28 September 2003)


most likely, though I wouldn’t really know.

Once, in 2005, Nine televised an NRL match between the Wests Tigers and Sea Eagles live at 7:30pm (back then matches were delayed by an hour) so they could televise the Federer vs Hewitt Wimbledon semi-final live.

In the AFL that night, Collingwood upset reigning premiers Port Adelaide at (what was then known as) Telstra Dome.

Taken off Channel 9 Melbourne on 21 August 2004

Looks quite ironic when they did promotions of A Red hot Wednesday lineup.
Last week before a slight tweak in the on air presentation with Helvetica Font.

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Taken off Nine Sydney in April 2004

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Taken off GTV-9 on 29 August 2003


Taken off Channel Nine Sydney in 29 November 2002.

Note that the Ashes Cricket match was played at the WACA, Perth so eastern viewers had coverage during the Night.


the day Brian Henderson retired from newsreading.

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Taken off Channel Nine Melbourne on 4 June 2004


Caps from Nine Melbourne - Thursday 7/11/2002


This Is Your Life Ident:

Promo Endtags:


The Farnham Years would be delayed one week to make way for a special on Michael Jackson’s Face - talk about dubious programming!

A Google search seems to suggest that the children’s show “Don’t Blame Me” (which oddly I don’t remember seeing at all) was “Don’t Blame The Koalas” internationally/on repeats.


Taken from channel Nine Adelaide in 17 April 2004
AFL Promo for Kangaroos vs Sydney Swans


The same Sunday Football and Friday Night Football logos were used across both the NRL and AFL when Nine had the broadcast rights to the latter.

Because of this, the AFL would be televised first, followed by Nightline and then the NRL in Vic/SA/WA, while in NSW/Queensland it was the reverse (NRL --> Nightline --> AFL).

In NSW/Queensland, the second, abbreviated AFL match would be televised after midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning; in the other states that timeslot was filled by the NRL match that was shown at 4:00pm in NSW/Qld.


Friday Night NRL and AFL were shown on Nine between 2002 and 2006

COrrect me if I’m wrong, but did Channel Nine broadcasted a Brisbane Lions match into QLD at 8:30PM Thursday night?

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Yes they would have, each time they played on the Easter Thursday.

Taken off Channel Nine Adelaide in 17 April 2004.


Thursday/Aqua Lineup and This Is Your Life Ident 7/11/2002:


Taken off channel nine Melbourne (09/09/2002)

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ENd tags From Channel 9 Perth in circa 2003

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