Channel Nine On-Air Presentation 1992-94



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@Zampakid is unreal, love these nostalgia trips every week or two :clap:

Nine are still airing “Final Analysis” 24-25 years on! Saw it late night last year. Wonder if they’re still using the same copy, surely Warner Bros would’ve provided a later version some years back?


If/when I can find the recording from July 1992 again (which from memory, included a spot for Sydney Extra with Jim Waley + a couple of great News/Current Affairs promos), I’ll try and post some caps from that here.

But in the meantime…

Proving that Nine (and Seven) have been doing competitions to entice viewers to watch their 6pm news services for more than 25 years…

January 1994:

The January 1994 NSW bushfires crisis (one of several major bushfire events that decimated the state during the 1990s & Early 2000s) was a major news story at the time and in the aftermath, a Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal supported by Nine, 2UE, the SMH and others was set up - a few promos for that were seen during this particular recording:


This presentation ID was, to my eyes, the last of the “fly around” era for Nine. The sad end of a truly iconic era of Australian television.


“Still The One [insert location]'s Channel Nine”


Bulk-lot of Promo Endtags that aired on September 17th, 1994: