Central Coast Radio


From tomorrow 1013 SeaFM will have an all-female workday lineup with Rachael Hart after Bree and Gawndy and Gaby Mae leading into Hamish and Andy.


Radiohead, is this still around?

Fair chance it was CoastFM 96.3, the SSD in our new audio processor/limiter died a few weeks back (bad batch/manufacture fault), & we were using the old backup processor. There was a very noticeable difference in sound quality with the old one, talk about shit.
Another side effect of using the old processor was, we were splashing all over the band on different frequencies.
Sunday afternoon would’ve been an old radio serials show on CoastFM.

I put in another replacement processor/limiter running my audio settings on Friday 21st October, ours is getting a new SSD under warranty, will probably have it back on air sometime next week?


Hi RF,

Yes, it is (or it was on Saturday at least).

Though it’s sounding like old radio serials every time I turn it on, not just Sunday arvos.

There’s silence in between serials too, so I’d be surprised if it is Coast FM.



Is that pirate still on 99.2MHz this weekend?

I’ve tried getting it at various places on the Central Coast over the last week to no avail, also tried in the car from Doyalson to Swansea, again with out any luck.

I’m living at Floraville now (got out of the Glendale black hole), & I can’t get it at home or around Belmont, so it seems like it might be around you at Charlestown?


Hi there,

Just did a quick indoor check (too windy outside today!).

No, it doesn’t appear to be there anymore… I now get (weak) WSFM 99.1 and 2NSB 99.3 again, which weren’t receivable when 99.2 was present.

Good to hear you are back on higher ground again… I too would hate to be living in a DX hole, particularly after having been at Charlestown for so long :smile:


What happened to Browny on 2GO and Bob Peters replacing him full time. Haven’t heard much of 2GO over the past few weeks so just wondering if anyone knows.


That 99.2 Pirate seems to be back on again, it’s definitely not a Coast FM spur.


Browney is casual, Bob moving to full time Drive, Cam St Clair moving into doing work with other stations and their technology overhauls etc.


Browney had been on that time slot for most of the year so thought he got put on permanent.


Star 104.5 are looking for a new Music Director/Announcer: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/jobs/music-director-announcer-star-1045


So who has gone, why and where to?


I just heard an ad on 2GO for NBN News.
I haven’t heard them do that before,.

And now that WIN have taken over SC Ten up here, I imagine there will be a lot fewer SC Ten/WIN ads on 2GO now.


In relation to comments about an upcoming Central Coast radio ratings survey in the “Regional Radio Ratings” thread, I will post some screen caps of ads I see on NBN Central Coast here (being the only commercial TV station that carries any meaningful levels of Central Coast ads).

This one is for a competition where listeners have to answer questions in a set time to win cash.


A promo for a Central Coast Country music festival being sponsored by TWO different local broadcasters…


Seems to be a bit of a Christina Aguilera 2002 thing going on the Central Coast right now…

SEA FM just played “Fighter”, her hit from 2002.

Then I switch over to STAR104.5, and they immediately play “Beautiful”, another hit of hers from the same year…



Last Thursday I heard Sea FM play Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. At first I thought it was a feature or something, but I don’t think it was.

Could be an attempt to close the gap between Sea and GO to not leave much room for Star FM.


Has there been any changes to the transmission of Coast Fm over the last few days?

The signal is the strongest it has ever been here in Stanhope Gardens on my car stereo, and home hifi with RDS being received, and now minimal splatter from the Edge 96.1.
There is no tropo enchanment at present either.


Nope, not to my knowledge.

I haven’t done anything & haven’t been notified of anything being done by anyone else.
No one else is authorised to do anything technical with CoastFM anyway.

Maybe there’s been changes to The Edge 96.1?


Not as strong as yesterday, still in stereo with RDS but more interference from the Edge.


This coming Monday 11/9/17 (weather permitting, which looks a good forecast), there will be a tower inspection at the SeaFM site.

As a result of people climbing over the tower, SeaFM & the 4 central coast community stations will be on reduced power between 12 midday & 2pm (at this stage).

This may give the opportunity for Sydney & Newcastle listeners, to see what reception they can get & how strong it is on the various frequencies, e.g. test how strong 94.9 Power FM is into Sydney without Rhema interfering, & how strong Triple J Taree is into Newcastle without CoastFM interfering.

The CC ABC stations will likely stay at full power so no change to 98.1.