Central Coast Radio


It would surely be too close in nature to both Smooth and WS.

It’s hard to know - that kind of format didn’t go so well for MIX… And I think Smooth is certainly ‘older’ than the Star playlist, which probably explains why they do so well.
I imagine MIX went a bit too young, whilst smooth is a bit older.

I think that kind of format that Star’s running is a great regional centre format, but not sure if it translates all that well in the city.

Guess we’ll find out soon


K-Rock Geelong??? Aren’t they more of a ‘hit’ station these days?

Seems to me that you either LOVE the ‘variety’ on Star or you hate it. I think you have to be a certain kind of person to LOVE hearing Mr Big straight out of Kesha, then Madonna and eventually a Justin Bieber


In Sydney to hear that Star playlist today, I would need to flick between KIIS, 2Day, Nova, Triple M, 2CH, WSFM and smooth. And that’s exhausting on my left hand digit finger.
Whereas on the Central Coast I could just leave the station tuned to 104.5FM.
In Sydney I need to be a bit of a hussy (slut) and not be faithful to the one frequency. On the Central Coast I could be in a more monogamous relationship with my favourite radio station.
I am into commitment. If the right frequency comes along.

Random Radio

Sure, but a ‘different’ playlist doesn’t necessarily equate to a ‘winning’ playlist.

I’ve said it a few times, but I think 2DAY would work better by doing a 90s to now type Adult AC, whilst staying away from the old 80s gear.


Like “Hits and Old Skool”?
But seriously, that would fit very well under the loose branding of Hits and Old Skool and such a focus should do quite well with the 25-39 demo which is a strong performer for them in other markets.


Well - yeah. Except much less RnB focussed than they’ve gone with, and much poppier

Also ‘hitz and old Skool’ is a lame ass strap line… Haha


Totally agree with you, and I think it’s pretty clear who they are targeting. 2GO have the males covered with all the rock they play, Sea have the younger Males and Females, and Star appeals to the 25+ females.

I’ve been working on the Coast quite a bit the last week, and flicking around and also being in the market it’s pretty hard to find a shop listening to anything but Star.

Regarding the upcoming survey (when is it out?) I’d love to see GO back to number one because I grew up listening to it, but I think Star will come out on top of them and Sea either 1st or 2nd.


When I was at school the only area of Sydney you could pickup 2GO 801 AM was at Palm Beach iirc, though we always listened on holidays at Ocean Beach.


Or you could just listen to Star in Sydney?

If your radio can’t get Star in Sydney, I would suggest upgrading your radio/antenna, as the Central Radio radio stations boom into Sydney if you have a half-decent receiver. I can receive them fine in my house without an external aerial.

Car radios usually have no problem with the Central Coast stations in Sydney, even the lower-powered community stations (assuming they’re not on a frequency with a Wollongong station as well). I remember catching a Punchbowl Bus Company bus and the driver had 2GO playing.

Actually, I was down past Wollongong recently and even that far south, I could get the Central Coast stations on my car radio.


That reminds me of the time when a local bus in the Campbelltown area had 2GO playing instead of either C91.3 (which is very rarely heard on local buses to begin with) or the Sydney stations back in April 2006.

I think this proves that the Central Coast stations are generally a very popular alternative to the Sydney stations within the Sydney metro area, particularly if you compare them with the Wollongong commercial stations. Unlike with Wave FM (96.5) & i98FM (98.1), the Central Coast commercial stations (101.3, 104.5, 107.7) don’t really suffer the same potential co-channel/adjacent-channel problems. In other words, it’s more easier to receive the Central Coast stations in Wollongong than it is to receive Wollongong stations on the Central Coast.


Finally caught a SEA FM ad on NBN Central Coast tonight, seen 2GO and Star ones before, even Coast FM, but not Sea. Here’s a screenshot


Somehow, I’m going to guess that SCA has only really started to run ads for their Central Coast radio stations on 9NBN fairly recently due to the stronger links with Nine and SCA these days compared to in the past?

I’ve only ever seen ads for Star 104.5 and Coast FM on the occasions I’ve had the opportunity to watch local Central Coast TV in recent years…


Well, possibly, but then SCA still own/run SC Ten, in direct competition to Nine/NBN.

But then SCA STILL don’t have a Central Coast ad feed OR transmitters on the southern half of the Coast (at Gosford and Bouddi) for SC Ten. This still perplexes me, particularly when you consider that SC Ten has advertised its shows on 2GO.


Triple U (Nowra) and Star are on an even keel in Wollongong- which one you receive depends on your LOS. But Star unequivocally dominates throughout Sydney, even on modest receiving setups as has been mentioned. I’d rather have Triple U on 104.5 myself…


As I’ve mentioned previously elsewhere on this forum, I wish the ACMA would try to address some of the Central Coast/Wollongong co-channels, particularly now that 88-92 MHz has been cleared, with WIN-3 and NBN-3 off-air. The ACMA doesn’t seem to view it as an issue it seems, as when 2RPH goes on air in Wollongong, it’s been allocated 93.3 MHz by the ACMA (same as Gosford’s Radio 50+).


The complete list can now be seen here: http://www.star1045.com.au/sites/default/files/star_104.5_variety_500_-_songs_500_to_1.pdf


Ed Sheeran no.1 and no.6? Really??


Bree and Gawndy are dressing like it’s the 90’s.


you forgot to add “the Number 1 breakfast hosts” :stuck_out_tongue:


There seems to a pirate broadcaster on the Central Coast or southern Lake Macquarie. Or so I suspect, as I can get okay reception here at Charlestown but I can’t get it in Newcastle.

It’s on 99.2 FM, and seems to be broadcasting some old serials from the early days of radio… I can’t make out exactly what.

Has anyone come across this?