Celebrity Come Dine With Me


The Nine Network will soon begin production on a format loved by foodies around the world, Celebrity Come Dine with Me. The hugely popular show promises an abundant serving of reality with a side of laughs.

See Australian celebrities battling it out for the title of the ultimate dinner party host. The stakes are high, with the host of the best dinner party claiming the cash prize for their favourite charity.

The celebrities will go head to head, with one entertaining, cooking and serving the party while their competitors snoop around their homes, looking for anything out of the ordinary, before dinner is served.

Produced by ITV Studios, Celebrity Come Dine with Me will air on the Nine Network in 2016.


Great idea!

It could do well. I always wondered why Foxtel Lifestyle channel only made a few series of “Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia” between 2012 and 2014.

This should be good.

Do foxtel still do the original Come Dine With Me series?

this was a format that David Mott said he was hoping ITV could get back up into the market a few weeks ago during a chat with Mediaweek.

About the only possible show on the Nine network i’d bother watching on paper, but in reality I think they’ll do something to spoil it.

According to the Foxtel Lifestyle website and YouTube, they did four seasons of the regular Come Dine With Me from 2010 to 2013
Foxtel Lifestyle

They did two seasons of Celebrity Come Dine with Me Australia, one in 2012 and one in 2014-2014.
Foxtel Lifestyle

I was only thinking yesterday about this show on Fox.

I hope 9 do it right. James must be the narrator!

TV Tonight reports that Nine has stopped production on the show just 9 days before filming was to commence. A Nine spokesperson said the show was delayed due to production issues.

Whaaaaat??? No i was looking forward to this.

It’ll probably still go ahead but will be delayed. The big problem will be whether the celebrities will still be available at the later date. Then again, if they’re the D grade celebrities we see on these types of shows they’re probably unemployed. :stuck_out_tongue: