Canberra - Survey 3, 2021

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Mix 106.3 remains on top with 17.1%, down 1.2% from the previous survey. Hit 104.7 was 2nd with 14.8%, up 1.9%, followed by ABC Canberra with 12.6% (-1.9), JJJ with 10.1% (+0.2), 2CA with 8.5% (+0.8), ABC Classic with 7.7% (+0.6), RN with 7.2% (-1.4) & 2CC with 6% (+1.6).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, with Mix topping the 40-64s, and ABC Canberra #1 in the 65+, with 2CA the #1 commercial station.

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige remain on top with 17.1%, followed by ABC Canberra’s Lish Fejer with 14.4%, Hit’s Ned & Josh with 11.8% & RN’s Fran Kelly with 10.9%. In drive, Hit’s Carrie & Tommy is #1 with 19.1%, followed closely by Mix’s Wilko & Courts with 18%, JJJ’s Hobba & Hing with 14.9%, and ABC Canberra’s Anna Vidot with 10.6%.


Lish is holding her own at breakfast it seems, doing heaps better than Bourchier, which isn’t hard admittedly.


2CA should swap with NewsRadio on the FM band. :slight_smile: . It would be interesting to see with the same format how they would go on the FM Band. Give the Canberra FM players some competition. (although I hope they wouldn’t radically change the format).

I see Canberra as a “traditional market” in late 80s/90s where the FM commercial music radio stations are way up the top. Where today in places like Brisbane there is a music station which rates very well (4kq). And in Sydney 2Day is down the bottom.

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That would be nice, but SCA/ARN won’t let that happen. Besides, if that were to happen, 2CA would likely change their format to be more ‘FM friendly’, as well as providing more competition for Hit & Mix, which may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Granted, 2XL didn’t change their format when they converted to FM (and it’s more than likely to be the same for 2GN), but that’s because they don’t have any commerical competition in their licence area. The same applies for 2ST, 2EC, 3YB, 5MU, 5RM, 5AU, 5CC, 7AD & 7BU.


Surprised that ABC Canberra fell in the ratings across the board, especially since the ACT would’ve been in lockdown during (at least part of) the 2nd half of this survey.

Aside from that, another “same old, same old” survey for Canberra really. Is Mix 106.3 really that good or are they only rating so high because Hit 104.7 is too aligned with the broader SCA Hit Network?


Probably a bit of both.

I might post the music logs of both stations (+ 2CA) in the relevant thread to give out a clear picture of what they sound like. :slight_smile: