Canberra - Survey 3, 2019

Mix 106.3 remains at #1 with 18.3% (+0.1), followed by hit104.7 at 15.4% (-2.6), JJJ at 12.7% (+2.1) & ABC Canberra at 11.5% (Steady). 2CA went up 1.6% to 6.5%, whilst 2CC went up 1.5% to 5.5%. Alan Jones on relay from 2GB lifted 2CC’s breakfast ratings by 0.5% to 5.5%, but was still narrowly beaten by ABC Newsradio in that timeslot.


Why does ABC Newsradio rate so well in breakfast in Canberra, but struggle in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne?

This is because Canberra, as Australia’s national capital, has a large number of public servants, as well as being a highly-educated city. This would explain why ABC radio stations, as well as TV, rate highly there.

I reckon it also partly explains why politicians can often seem so out of touch with what the rest of Australia is interested in. They are so pre-occupied with listening and watching news about themselves, they fail to see that the rest of the country isn’t interested - the Canberra Bubble.


Same for Sky News, it should be renamed Sky Politics or Sky Opinion, all part of the Canberra bubble and those over 65 P1s who keep 2GB #1 via TSL


Triple J had a blinder in this survey, not quite bitting at the heals of Hit 104.7 like it is with its Newcastle sister station.
Just shows how stale the Canberra market is for fm music stations.

Hit 104.7 has never been the same since Scotty and Nige left, and SCA one size fits all approach for all regional markets.

I wonder if they have started surveying Digital stations in the Canberra market?


Less competition would be a factor

Yawn. Politicians don’t live in Canberra, they’re only in town for sitting weeks. There’s only 5 MPs actually based in Canberra. Don’t tar Canberra with the actions of the other 150 or so MPs that live outside of Canberra.

ABC NewsRadio and Radio National rate well because you have a chunk of the population that’s working on policy and programs at a national level and because the local ABC Canberra presenters and content is very, very average.


Just like in Brisbane, save for the presenters, breakfast and drive and nights are good broadcasters in Bris.

The Canberra bubble also applies to public servants…


The Canberra bubble is a device used by a political con man to bring a Trump style ‘people vs the elites’ to Australia. Think before you recite Liberal or Daily Telegraph talking points.

Don’t tell me to “think” thank you very much.

Maybe you should ask questions instead.

I am currently a public servant myself after a long career in the “real world” so I am very qualified to describe it as a bubble which it well and truly is.

I take it from your comment you equate this observation as tacit support for Trump style regimes or Scott Morrison? You are very much mistaken. Perhaps it’s not me who needs to think before reciting particular agendas.

For your information the term Canberra Bubble was first used in this context in 2001 and both sides of politics have used it for effect.


Correct, well written @Brianc68. This is a long running phenomena and its effects should be highlighted.

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It is, in the TV show Utopia.

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Yes, they mention it frequently, especially in this most recent series, what a cracker its been.

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