Canberra - Survey 3, 2016

The latest radio ratings is out now:

Mix 106.3 & hit104.7 are the equal #1 station in the nation’s capital, scoring 15.9% each. This was followed by 666 ABC at 14.5%, ABC Classic FM at 9%, RN at 8.9%, JJJ at 7.8%, 2CA at 6.6% & 2CC at 5.1%. hit104.7 is #1 in the under-40s, whilst Mix topped the 40-54s & 666 ABC tops the 55+.

666 ABC’s Phillip Clark (soon to be filling in on ABC Radio’s Nightlife for the rest of this year) is #1 in breakfast with 20.6%, followed by Mix’s Kristen & Rod at 14%, hit104.7’s Ryan & Tanya at 13.5%, and RN’s Fran Kelly at 13.3%. Mix is #1 from 9am to 4pm, whilst Hamish & Andy on hit104.7 is #1 in drive, and 666 ABC is #1 in evenings with Christine Anu & Tony Delroy (who retired from Nightlife on 2nd September).

Driving to Canberra yesterday I listened to about 15mins of Hadley on 2GN Goulburn. I listened for way too long and then turned to the music on 2CA. I can understand why 2CC is losing listeners because I’m guessing the people who were are getting tired of the foaming mouth rubbish that comes from 2GB, and it’s tainted the whole station.

Despite that, Ray Hadley (along with 1 hour of Alan Jones at 11am-12pm), is the highest rating slot for 2CC with 9.4% share, way higher than any timeslot. It’s also the only timeslot where 2CC outrates 2CA.

By contrast, the local drive program presented by Chris Coleman could only manage a 2.1% share for the station, even beaten by ABC NewsRadio! :open_mouth:

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And it’s lost 2.9% since the last survey.

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