Canberra - Survey 2, 2024

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Mix 106.3 remain top with 17.9% (-2.3), followed by Hit 104.7 at 13.9% (-2.0), ABC Canberra with 12.2% (+1.4), ABC Classic with 11.2% (+4.1), and JJJ with 9.3% (+0.8). 2CA rated 5.5% (+0.4), whilst 2CC fell 1.1 to 3.6%, beaten by ABC Newsradio.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, with Mix dominating in the 40-64s, and ABC Classic topping the 65+.

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige is #1 with 16.8% (-1.6), not far ahead of ABC Canberra’s Adam Shirley with 16.5% (+2.8). This was followed by Hit’s Wilko & Courts with 13.1% (-0.9), RN’s Patricia Karvelas with 8.9% (-2.3), and JJJ’s Concetta & Luka with 8.6% (+0.1). In drive, Mix’s CBR Wrapped dominates with 19.7% (-2.6), followed by Hit’s Carrie & Tommy with 14.2% (-5.2), ABC Canberra’s Ross Solly with 11.6% (+1.2), ABC Classic’s Vanessa Hughes with 11% (+6.0), and JJJ’s Tyrone & Abby with 10.9% (+1.9).


Such a weird market Canberra. I personally don’t buy the figures for ABC Classic. I know people are different there, but they can’t be that different.

7.2% of 10-17s??! Someone’s having a lend… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah I didn’t even see that age breakdown. That’s BS

Canberra’s survey is as boring as the choice of Canberra radio stations.

It’s 2024. Surely there should be 6x commercial choices in Canberra (Nova, ARN & SCA).

One of the shames of the ARN+SCA deal not happening is they could have sorted the market out - and given a proper Hit/KIIS and Triple M combo to the market, instead of the Hit/Mix combo which leaves no real option for a huge amount of listeners.

It rates well, but only really because the competition is poor and stuck on AM, though I suppose Mix Canberra shows ARN what local content can do…

It’s a shame they don’t do the Canberra survey like the Hobart one and put all the DAB stations in the mix - I wouldn’t be shocked if some of them are getting close to 2CC/2CA.