Canberra - Survey 2, 2023


Mix 106.3 remains on top with 25.8% (+1.4), followed by Hit 104.7 at a distant 2nd with 14.7% (-2.8), ABC Canberra with 11.1% (+2.7), ABC Classic with 7.9% (-1.9), RN with 7.4% (-1.0), JJJ with 6.5% (+0.4), 2CA with 6.3% (-0.6) and 2CC with 4.6% (-0.2).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, with Mix dominating in the 40-64s, and ABC Canberra topping the 65+.

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige dominates with 26.1% (+3.4), followed by Hit’s Ned & Josh with 12.5% (-3.9), ABC Canberra’s Adam Shirley with 12.3% (+0.3) and RN’s Patricia Karvelas with 9.9% (-2.1). In drive, Mix’s CBR Wrapped dominates with 25.6% (+3.9), with Hit’s Carrie & Tommy at 17% (-0.8).


That’s the most dominant result I’ve seen in Canberra for quite a while.

If only more Canberrans discovered 2CA on DAB… it plays great music and sounds very good too.


Indeed, a 25.8 share is the largest for any station in the market since 104.7 scored a 25.8 in S1/2002.


Can someone explain 2CA’s incredible result for 10 - 17 year olds, especially when compared to the 18 - 25 demo?

Good on them but for two surveys now they have done well with teenagers, almost beating Hit this time.

I am no lover of the generic sounding and awfully branded regional “Hit” stations and I do listen to 2CA when I’m in the capital but…….


Maybe 10-17s will say 2CA because it’s what their parents might listen to in the car when they are altogether?


Where are you getting historical survey data for Canberra? I’ve been trying to find it for a while!


Very odd. Do kids that age even listen to the radio these days? In my day, we all listened to the radio at that age but these days with so many other options do they still go to radio?


Trove is a good place to start, which has archives of The Canberra Times going up to 31st December 1995.

And for full ratings from 2001-02, here is S1/2001: Austereo Group Ltd - Canberra 1/2000 Ratings

S1/2002: Austereo Group Ltd - Canberra 1/2002 Ratings

Whilst I’m here, here’s the overall results for Canberra S1/2002:

#1. FM104.7: 25.8
#2. 666 ABC: 15.7
#3. Mix 106.3: 15.6
#4. JJJ: 10.7
#5. 2CC: 6.8
#6. 2CA: 6.5
#7. RN: 5.7
=#8. ABC Classic FM: 1.8
=#8. ABC NewsRadio: 1.8 (when it was still on AM before it moved to FM in 2005)