Canberra - Survey 2, 2019

Mix 106.3 remains on top with an 18.2% share, up 1.2 from the previous survey, followed closely by hit104.7 with 18%, up 0.2. Further back down the list, ABC Canberra scored an 11.5% share (down 0.6), followed closely by JJJ with 10.6% (up 0.2).

Meanwhile, 2CA went up 0.3 to 4.9%, whilst 2CC fell 0.8 to 4%.

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige is #1 at 17.1%, just ahead of Hit’s Ned & Josh by 0.1%, whilst ABC Canberra’s Dan Bouchier is 3rd at 15.2%. On his last breakfast survey, 2CC’s Tim Shaw went up 1% to 5%. In mornings, Ray Hadley/Alan Jones on 2CC could only manage a 5.1% share, which is down 2.5 from the previous survey.

Bit of a mixed (no pun intended) bag for the top three stations with Mix 106.3 #1 at breakfast, in the mornings & afternoon, Hit 104.7 #1 at Drive & on the weekend and ABC Canberra #1 on weekday evenings.

As for 2CC, I’d personally prefer to hear local content during both timeslots but if they really had to pick one, surely it’d make far more sense for them to run networked content during their pathetically rating drive timeslot than at breakfast where they’re not coming last?

Canberra is a very boring radio market. A comfy little FM duopoly and 2 AM stations struggling to gain traction. If ever a market needed a shake up it’s Canberra.


surely it’d make far more sense for them to run networked content during their pathetically rating drive timeslot than at breakfast where they’re not coming last?

Oh well, I certainly did my best

I think 2CA is very good. The music mix has vastly improved over the past couple of years. The only time I purposely do not listen to 2CA is Saturday night when they seem to play nothing newer than about 1965.


Of course I didn’t mean to imply that you were pathetic at your job, but rather that the ratings (which far too often aren’t a reflection of programming quality, just look at Sydney) were.

Mind you, the fact that 2CC Drive has had something like four or five on-air presenters in the space of only a few years hasn’t helped things.

I’ve no doubt they’re very good. What I don’t understand is why they can’t match the likes of 4KQ or Cruise in the ratings when they’ve only got Hit and Mix to contend with.


Which is probably very appropriate! :rofl:

Seriously, despite the fact that Canberra has 1 less FM and 1 more AM station than Newcastle, which is a similar size without major overlaps from elsewhere, I’d say Canberra’s is better.

Probably helped by the fact that 2CA has a unique format compared to 2HD or NEW FM, and has more community radio stations plus it has DAB.


I agree that Canberra is quite well served for community radio, but at the same time their commercial radio market could be a bit more competitive than it is.

When you consider that there are AM music stations in larger, more competitive metropolitan markets (such as 4KQ and Cruise) which are giving FM stations a run for their money, 2CA probably should be performing better than they are.

no offense taken.

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I am always amazed that the nation’s capital city is ranked as a regional market!

Canberra has two commercial FM stations. One is called Hit and the other Mix. This says a lot about radio in Canberra. Boring.


Or Hit and Miss. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even the Gold Coast, with a significantly bigger population than Canberra is also classed as regional.

If either had a population closer to Adelaide they might be considered metropolitan too.

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