Canberra - Survey 2, 2018

Mix 106.3 maintains its #1 position, despite going down 2.3% to 15.8%. Hit 104.7 is not far behind at 15.4%, which is up 0.3% from last survey, whilst ABC Canberra is at 13.6%, up 0.7% from last survey. 2CA went up 0.9% to 7.9%, whilst 2CC fell 1.9% to land at 5.2%.


Good to see Hit increasing to be #1 in Mon-Fri, Mornings, Arvos, Drive and Evenings while ABC is #1 in Breakfast and Mix #1 on Weekends. In the Age categories Hit is #1 10-39, while Mix #1 40-54 and ABC #1 55+

Of the more recent presenter additions to Hit 104.7’s lineup, it seems that Gemma Maddox (who is a good presenter from what I’ve heard, so I’m happy for her! :slight_smile:) is performing better for them in the afternoons than Ned & Josh are at breakfast.

As for the ratings of 2CC…what can you say? At least 2CA is getting OK-ish ratings (allbeit, still behind the FM stations and ABC Canberra) between 9am & 4pm weekdays.

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The cumulative audience figures for 2CC tell the story. Hadley and Jones down to 14,000, Smith down to 12,000, Drive down to an embarassing 7,000 and Price down to a pathetic 5,000. The Smiling Undertaker on Breakfast is 13,000.


That 7.9 is 2CA’s best showing since at least the late 90s. (They had an 8.9 in 1995, but I have a gap in Canberra data from 96-99.)

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Still nothing to celebrate. Being on AM and underinvesting in programming sees them far behind.

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