Canberra - Survey 2, 2016

The latest ratings are out:

666 ABC is the #1 station with a 15% share, followed closely by hit104.7 at 14.7% & Mix 106.3 with 14.6% (down 3.3% from the previous survey). Meanwhile, the commercial AM stations, 2CA & 2CC, have both increased their audience to 6.8% (up 1.3%) & 7.6% (up 0.4%) respectively.

Since the Radio Today link to the more detailed ratings return with a ‘404’ error, here’s the link:

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That 15 share for ABC is the lowest share ever recorded for the #1 station in Canberra.
This goes hand in hand with the fact that 12.7 shares for “others” is the highest ever in that category.

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