Canberra - Survey 1, 2024

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I’d say SCA/ARN are happy they made the changes to Hit104.7 Breakfast.

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Mix 106.3 remain on top with 20.2% (-1.4), followed by Hit 104.7 at 15.9% (+0.4), ABC Canberra at 10.8% (-2.2), and JJJ with 8.5% (+0.9). Of the AM commercial stations, 2CA is at 5.1% (-1.8), whilst 2CC is at 4.7% (-0.2).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, whilst Mix tops the 40-64s, and ABC Canberra wins the 65+ (with RN 2nd, followed by ABC Classic).

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige remain on top with 18.4% (-3.1), followed by Hit’s Wilko & Courts with 14% (+0.5 from Ned & Josh), ABC Canberra’s Adam Shirley at 13.7% (unchanged), and RN’s Patricia Karvelas with 11.2% (-0.2). In drive, Mix’s CBR Wrapped is #1 with 22.3% (-1.6), followed by Hit’s Carrie & Tommy with 19.4% (-1.1), and ABC Canberra’s Ross Solly with 10.4% (+2.2).

It’s worth noting that in mornings, both ABC Classic (10.1) & JJJ (8.8) beat ABC Canberra’s Georgia Stynes, who rated 8.6%, down 7.7 from the previous survey. Ray Hadley on 2CC rated 6.8% (-1.8).

The “Other Stations” share this survey is at 17%, up 4.9 from the previous survey.


Ray Hadley ratings down. Good.

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It seems 2CC and 4BC have a similar problem.

Their markets don’t really enjoy commercial AM talkback.

I wonder what else 2CC could offer here?

Traditionally, it was always 2CA being the poorer sister of the two.

Stopping the reactionary conservative talkback in the most left wing city in the country might be a start…


Seems even Canberra puts News Radio at the bottom of the rankings.

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JJJ also beat ABC’s local Afternoons, but local drive rates higher. ABC Evenings (Shared with NSW from Sydney) was number 1 in it’s slot.