Canberra - Survey 1, 2022


Mix 106.3 remains on top with 20.6%, up 3.5 from the previous survey. This was followed by sister station Hit 104.7, who went up 2.8 to 17.6%. ABC Radio Canberra was 3rd with 12.3% (-0.3), followed by JJJ with 10% (-0.1), RN with 7.6% (+0.4), 2CA with 6% (-2.5), ABC Classic with 5.9% (-1.8), ABC Newsradio with 5.1% (+1.0) & 2CC with 4.7% (-1.3).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, with their 18-24s share scoring a massive 60.6% share. Mix 106.3 was a close 2nd in the 25-39s with 26.1%, only 1.3% behind Hit, whilst it dominates the 40-54s with a 39.7% share, and also dominates in the 55-64s with a 25.9% share. ABC Canberra tops the 65+, with 2CA the #1 commercial station.

In breakfast, Mix’s Kristen & Nige is #1 with 18.5%, followed by Hit’s Ned & Josh with 16.9%, and ABC Canberra’s Lish Fejer with 16.4%. In drive, Mix’s Bronte & Wilko is #1 with 19.5%, followed by JJJ’s Hobba & Hing with 16.5%, and Hit’s Carrie & Tommy with 15.5%.


That is the largest showing for Mix since S2/2006


I wonder if that will encourage ARN to mention them on their new website. The only place they are mentioned is Find your local Station - ARN

I realise they are a j/v with SCA, but they don’t mention Mix106.3 or Hit1047 under their KIIS network (for Mix), or their Regional network.

In fact, they have separate pages for 2CA and 2CC (j/v between Grant’s and Capital) under their Regional stations. If I recall correctly, the j/v Grant stations weren’t even part of the sale. You’d think they’d at least have a page for their KIIS branded station - Mix106.3. So what’s the deal ARN?