Canberra - Survey 1, 2021

After an unusual year, here is the first Canberra radio ratings in a year:

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Mix 106.3 takes out the #1 spot with 17.6% (up 0.8%), followed by ABC Canberra with 14.9% (up 3.7%) at 2nd place. Hit 104.7 took a big hit (sorry!), falling from 20% last year to just 11%, only 0.9% ahead of RN! :open_mouth:

JJJ is at 9.3%, down 1.1% from last year, whilst 2CA went up quite significantly, going up 2.7% to 8.6%, its highest ratings in nearly 25 years, ahead of ABC Classic at 7.1%. 2CC fell to 3.8%, levelling with ABC Newsradio.

In the demos, Hit 104.7 is still #1 in the under-25s (with JJJ 2nd), whilst Mix 106.3 narrowly outrates Hit in the 25-39s, with JJJ not far behind. Mix dominates in the 40-64s, whilst 2CA has done well in the 55+, coming in 3rd.

In breakfast, ABC’s Lish Fejer is #1 with 18.7%, followed by RN’s Fran Kelly at 17% & Mix 106.3’s Kristen & Nige at 15%. Hit 104.7’s Ned & Josh was at 9.5%, placing themselves only 0.6% ahead of JJJ’s Lucy Smith & 2.5% ahead of 2CA’s Paul “Holmesy” Holmes.

Quite an incredible development in the Canberra market, with Hit 104.7 going down significantly, whilst 2CA went up, with the gap between the two stations narrowed to just 2.4%.


iam guessing Mix should be happy that they domominate the 40-65 age market since this is there target market (35+) even narrowly outate the 25-39 market ,Mix should still be happy . and hit 104.7 should be happy as well.

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With a 9% drop? Yeah, nah.

Time to hit the reset button at Canberra FM.


There’s something off with some of those numbers.
ABC Classic up 800% with 18-24s while hit lost nearly have of that audience? Average audience numbers are very low - lots of asterisks. That table should be reporting in hundreds instead of thousands to give more meaningful numbers. The whole things stinks of junk numbers from having too small a sample size - or radio is basically dead in Canberra.


Something doesn’t seem right with these numbers. I know, with so few FM stations and competition, they are prone to bigger swings, but this is ridiculous. Usually when one station drops this much, there would be an uptick in the other stations to counter that drop, but it’s just not evident in these results.


What on earth has happened at Hit 104.7?! I know the pandemic would’ve changed radio listening habits a bit (no surprise that ABC Canberra rose across the board), but to go from a comfortable #1 to a distant #3?!

Good to see 2CA go up a bit, although I’m sure the Capital Radio Network would be disappointed with the performance of 2CC.

Agreed. #1 priority: Get the current network branding on Hit 104.7 already!

massively off… it’s junk.


I believe the on air sound already matches the rest of the network. Logo wise, I have it on good authority that they won’t update until the new FY.


Gee 2CC is struggling. Good to see 2CA pick up. Perhaps DAB is helping them. I still wouldn’t rule out Mix joining the Hit network and 104.7 going Triple M. Particularly after the sky didn’t fall in Perth.


I haven’t listened all that much of late, but on more than a few occasions I’ve heard 104 playing songs you expected to hear on Mix, and vice versa. Perhaps someone more informed than me can comment on how much the playlists have been changed up.

Not sure that explains the huge drop in numbers in this survey - I can’t think of any other major changes.


And that is the second-lowest share ever for 104.7, surpassed only by their debut survey in 1988, which scored a 9.5

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