Canberra - Survey 1, 2019

Hit 104.7 took out the #1 spot with 17.8%, followed by Mix 106.3 with 17%, both up from 14.3% last survey. ABC Canberra scored 12.1%, down 3.2% from last survey, whilst JJJ went up 1.7% to 10.4%, and RN fell 4.1% to 8.1%. 2CC scored 4.8% (up 0.5), whilst 2CA scored 4.6% (down 2.0).


Wow. ABC Canberra and RN taking a big hit. No surprise for the former given its lineup.

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In breakfast, Mix 106.3’s Kristen & Nige is #1 with 18%, followed by Hit’s Ned & Josh and ABC Canberra’s Dan Bourchier, who both tied with a 15.7% share.

In drive, ABC Canberra took a big hit with Laura Tchilinguirian‘s departure for ABC Newsradio, with her replacement, Anna Vidot (formerly on afternoons), suffering a 3.7% decline to 7.4%, rating behind that of RN & not far ahead of ABC Classic.

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2CA has been smashed in the 40-54 demo - down 6.8 to just 2.1%. Meanwhile, triple j rises to 10.4 to 14.3%, narrowly behind hit104.7 (14.5%). Mix 106.3 is #1 with a 25.4% share

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Interesting to see how Hit 104.7 has experienced growth in all timeslots while ABC Canberra experienced a decline in all timeslots. I get that S3 2018 would’ve included coverage of the Liberal leadership crisis while Skyfire (long associated with Hit 104.7) would’ve taken place during S1 2019, but aside from that?

No doubt Gemma Maddox (who IMO, is talent that has the potential to go metro sometime in the next few years) will be really happy that her weekday afternoon timeslot is rating well for Hit 104.7! :slight_smile:

Finally, I wonder if/when The Canberra Times will come out with some coverage? One of their reporters who was presenting Canberra radio (albeit on one of the non-surveyed stations) at the time of the last survey would probably make for a really good report, I think! :wink:

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Few Tips: ABC needs to get more interesting, sorry but your open lines topics are just, well, boring. I’m sure people don’t want to talk about flowers, libraries, or light rail constantly. Subjects concentrating on World/ Australia and local current affairs would be a good change. In regard to 2CC problems is just that they haven’t got the right announcers.

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