Canberra - Survey 1, 2018

Mix 106.3 is #1 with 18.1% (up 1.7% from last survey), followed by hit104.7 with 15.1% (up 0.8%) & ABC Radio Canberra with 12.9% (down 4%). 2CC rated 7.1% (up 1.2%), whilst 2CA is just behind at 7.0% (down 0.5%).

In breakfast, Mix 106.3’s Kristen & Wilko took out the top spot with a 17.9% share after a rise of 3.2%, defeating ABC Radio Canberra’s Dan Bourchier, who fell 5.6% to 17.2%. Hit104.7’s new breakfast team, Ned & Josh, went up from the previous breakfast team of Ryan & Tanya, in which they managed to go up 2.2% to 13.9%. In mornings, Ray Hadley & Alan Jones on 2CC outrated ABC Radio Canberra’s Adam Shirley, who replaced Genevieve Jacobs in the slot (he moved from drive).


Big drop for ABC Breakfast. I’m surprised Ned and Josh improved Ryan and Tanya’s share.

Proving that talent lies with the station than the individual: Paul Holmes.

Last survey: Gold Coast as part of Hot Tomato’s breakfast team where they rated #1 or 2.

This survey: Canberra, 4.9%. Lowest of all listed stations.

Hopefully GM, Michael Jones is good at massaging egos.

I’m not going to use the Canberra Radio thread because this is more appropriate, Canberra Ratings today saw Mix still on top as #1FM, Hit increase to be on top of ABC and #2, ABC took out the number #3 spot with a bit of growth for 2CC. Hit #1 10-39, ABC #2 40-54 and #1 55-64 and 65+. In the Breakfast slot Ned and Josh on Hit increases to be Canberra’s most listened to Breakfast show, Mix #1 Mornings and Arvos despite decreasing in both slots and then Hughesy and Kate take out the Drive slot as Canberra’s most listened to Drive show. Mix takes out evenings and weekends with Hit coming in a close #2

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H&K weren’t heard on Mix last year?

A pity, they could’ve been left on the Mix station without disrupting that market, one of the unique benefits of the JV. Would’ve been interesting to see the ratings.

Good to see commonsense prevails with no Will and Woody on Mix.

Interesting fact: With Kristen & Wilko on Mix 106.3 taking out #1 in breakfast, this is the first time that a commercial station is #1 in breakfast since Survey 2 of 2013, when 104.7’s Scotty & Nige scored a 22.7% share, with ABC Canberra’s Ross Solly at 2nd place with 16.7%.



They’ve got local drive from 3-6 and Kennedy Molloy 6-8, so I guess they couldn’t fit it without ditching most of the local show.

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If Mix 106.3 had Will & Woody on drive, then there won’t be a single commercial FM station in Canberra having a local drive program after 4pm, which would’ve left only ABC Canberra, 2CA & 2CC (all on AM) providing it.

I mean, Newcastle (which is a bigger market than Canberra) & Hobart (a state capital) doesn’t have a single local drive program on any of the commercial stations after 5pm on weekdays, so Canberra is lucky on that regard.


Well done to Mix106 today the new #1 station in Canberra!!! Positive results for Hit and Ned and Josh but it looks as though Hughesy and Kate may take their time working into the Canberra market. Exciting times with GC ratings out tomorrow, @Bort it is time to start a new media spy for tomorrow

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What’s wrong with the current Media Spy?


Sorry @OnAir i meant new thread for the Gold Coast Survey 1 tomorrow

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@tommy13190 it’s fine, anyone can begin a new thread, @TV-Expert usually does the job quite capably.

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