Canberra - Survey 1, 2016

The 1st radio ratings in 2016 for Canberra has been released:

The full results can be seen here:

Mix 106.3 took up the top spot with a 17.9% share, up 4.3% from the previous survey. Sister station hit104.7 was 2nd with 14.6%, whilst 666 ABC wasn’t far behind with 14.2%. Further down the ladder, JJJ scored a 7.8% share (same as Sydney in Survey 2), followed by 2CC at 7.2% & 2CA at 5.5%.

It was so obvious that Hit 104.7 was going to loose the number 1 position after axing their heritage breakfast show and relaunching with a new name but still using the same Gold Coast music log.

As far as I’m aware, 104.7 was actually doing rather well in the Canberra ratings last year so why did SCA (I’m pretty sure that it would’ve been a decision made by SCA rather than the ARN side of the joint venture) go and ruin it? Yes, both of the FM stations are still miles ahead of the Capital AM stations but still…

Somehow, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if 666 ABC overtakes Hit 104.7 in the next survey.

TBH - Mix and 104.7 really were overlapping with their target markets quite a bit.

It really was the smart move to move Hit104.7 younger… it will stabilise.

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hit104.7 perfectly mirrors the problems faced in Sydney - a stale music format (albeit tweaked being on the GC log), the loss of a heritage show (that said, Ryan & Tanya are a very good show that probably should be on 2Day breakfast) and a brand that means… nothing.

Meanwhile at the joint-venture, Mix breakfast up a staggering 5.8% to 15.9. Over at 666, breakfast is down but still #1 at a 19 share. Surely Canberra is the only market where RN out-rates triple j?

Exactly. 104 had a nearly 45% share of 10-39s this survey.

There was a lot of anger from listeners over Scotty and Nige’s axing, but to take the station in a more youthful direction, 104 had to change the breakfast show. Could they have handled the transition better? Absolutely.

Ryan and Tanya are very good, just very different to their predecessors - that’s clearly resulted in a shift of a decent amount of listeners over to Mix, and others who stuck around and like the new show

104 did not gain any listeners in the 18 - 39 year old demo but are up in the 10 - 17 year olds. 104 has definitely moved younger (if it was 14 year olds they were after).

I am not sure where you read that 104 has 45% of the under 40 market. No way!

The Canberra market needs another station.
Or at least let 2CA and 2CC convert to FM. The market is so stale with 2 FM SCA/ARN joint venture stations and 2 AM stations struggling to compete, particularly 2CA.
Meanwhile, almost 10% for ABC Classic FM? Must be their highest rating in the country.

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I agree, but…

Unfortunately, it’s probably at least 15 years too late for that to happen. As far as I’m aware, the FM band in Canberra is relatively congested, especially when Tuggeranong translators come into play. NewsRadio is also on FM in Canberra, and all (well, except 1RPH anyway) community stations in Canberra & surrounds broadcast on the FM band. I don’t think that leaves many spare frequencies.

Probably the best hope for new entrants would be if the trials of Digital Radio in Canberra became permanent and a second multiplex was added. But I can’t see that happening anytime soon either.

Yes, I agree that the Canberra market is quite stale for its size. Even smaller and/or similar-sized markets like Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Hobart are more interesting, as there is local commercial FM competition in those markets.

Indeed it is. In fact, Canberra is another market where ABC Classic FM rates higher than at least one AM music station, in which it’s already happening in Sydney (against Magic 2CH), Melbourne (against Magic) & Brisbane (tied with Magic).

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Apologies, misread the article. That figure was for 10-17 lols

Yes every available Canberra frequency has been allocated so there will be never any new fm stations in Canberra except for DAB+. The only way you will get a new Fm station in Canberra is if they move the Queanbeyan’s 96.7 and 97.5 to 93.9 and 94.7 or similar frequency. You will then have 96.7 and 97.5 available for Canberra and Tuggers, however you will then have the high powered stations from Mt Roberts on 96.9 and 97.7.

I bet the Canberra fm’s were very happy to have Tuggernong allocations as this will protect them from new competition.

Another oddity about the Canberra ratings is how both commercial AM radio stations rate lower than EVERY other listed station except News Radio.

Not odd if you heard them.

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