British Television

Really is all a bit crap - gone from 5 new idents a week under the ITV Creates branding to 5 idents across all channels. The link across channels is a nice idea, but the execution really is lacking and they’re all pretty interchangeable really - only the ITV3 ones feel on brand.

Doesn’t help that promo wise they’ve only got the World Cup, I’m a Celebrity and The Larkins to promote at the moment, especially as they seem to have stopped promoting content on the ITV Hub in advance of the launch of ITVX next month. If anything now is the time to be pushing the online content considering the forthcoming World Cup disruption to the schedules.

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That’s just horrible. I hope he can sue for wrongful dismissal and set his family up.


Grey area as they paid out his existing contract and have a proveable reason for why they couldn’t rehire him, however unjustified it is. That really should be on the insurance company who are discriminating in this case, and suing them may be of more use for others in similar positions than suing one employer.

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The end of today’s show confirmed that the series will be returning with a 2023 All Star version from Kruger National Park in South Africa in addition to the normal season. “favourite celebrities who previously competed during the show’s 20-year-history”.

The Sun reports

The 15-strong group of celebrities - the largest ever to take part in the iconic ITV series - have completed filming for the programme, which is set to air next year.