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While ARN regional is doing all 90’s this Easter long Weekend

Here is BBC R1’s Easter line up-

Good Friday 100% Dance Music
Easter Saturday Happy Anthems
Easter Sunday Radio 1 10’s 2010’ Anthems
Easter Monday Radio 1 Anthems (old School Anthems)

Caught some of R1 Dance yesterday early this morning.

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After 3 months of build up, Hits Radio has replaced the biggest remaining local brands in England and South Wales. The first four hours from each station under their new names are now available at the link below.!AroEdfrXY_3bgbU9FEDMJuOQp9JeKA

Did Hits Radio replace Kiss 100 in London?

No, it hasn’t. If that change was in the pipeline, there would have been confirmation of it months ago, as they’d have to request a major change to the license format.

True. Although I’m not aware of any request over the last few years that’s actually been denied by Ofcom? They’re a bit similar to ACMA in that they’ve been “captured” buy the industry they are supposed to regulate - at least by the big players.

Mark Goodier will present Pick of the Pops each Saturday afternoon from July.

It is very rare for a format change request to be rejected, but it does happen occasionally.

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To add to this point about Hits Radio in London, the London service now appears to have ceased broadcasting on DAB, according to tracking website Wohnort.


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It’s just moved from London 2 to London 1 mux

I did think it was a bit odd. Sod’s law that when I checked, the data for London 2 had been updated, but not London 1.

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Going back to the Hits Radio rebrand, it probably won’t come as much of a shock that some presenters slipped up during their first shows under the new name.

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