Breakfast (Defunct) February-November 2012

In 2012, Channel 10 ventured into breakfast television by launching a breakfast show called “Breakfast”.

Hosted by Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson, the show was never successful and drew low ratings around 50,000 before its axing in November 2012. It wasn’t a fan favourite on Media Spy and attracted negative comments on TV Tonight when it was first launched.

When it first launched, I gave it a go but switched back fo Sunrise after 1 day following high expectations. It was originally to be launched on Monday February 26, 2012 but was bought forward to February 22, 2012 to cover the Labor Leadership crisis. A rushed launch meant it didn’t took off at all.

Weather graphics


I believe Nathan Templeton was a reporter on the show, does anyone have any caps/videos?

He moved to Seven not long after (June 22, 2012 was his final day at Ten - he started at Seven the following Monday).

The best Breakfast moment

Shaun Micallef


The Breakfast launch date was on the 23rd February 2012 to cover the Labor Leadership Crisis. TEN Early News ended unexpectedly and abruptly. The first episode drew 51k nationally and was beaten heavily by Sunrise, Today and even kids shows on ABC. This show was unable to survive the ratings year and saw the show getting axed at the end of the 2012 ratings year.
Andrew Rochford left Breakfast on June 29 2012.
Breakfast was trimmed back by 30 mins due to the axing of The Circle.

Breakfast was fantastic.

The others have News sport and weather on the half hour. Breakfast had inappropriate banter every fifteen.

Andrew Rochford shutting down Paul Henry any time he went off script got old fast though.


At least it was better than Wake Up.


The graphics were nice but the Chaser involved was the highlight

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Was the soft set located somewhere else in the building?

That was taken in the Pyrmont Studios, Sydney. This is where ten news was produced in the studios.

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I know but from memory the couch area was in a studio (possibly where Studio 10 was) while the desk was in the atrium.


Yes. But they were used exclusively- the first seven months used the soft set as the main presenting area with the remaining four months presented from the newsrooom.


I’m probably in the minority again, but I actually watched a bit of this when it was on and rather liked it. IMO most resembled Sunrise/Today compared to “Wake Up”, had some good segments, including great news/sport/weather wrap. Magdalena Roze was very good while at 10, shame they wasted her (and I don’t mean a mafia killing).

Most found the NZ-born co-host a tosser and Kath Robinson no chemistry, but I thought he gave the show what it needed and the duo actually worked okay.

10 should’ve stuck with the show and invested more, interesting to see where it would’ve gone today.

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No one was thinking that until you posted it

I might be one of the only people who didn’t mind Paul Henry


Wish 10 invested in the show more rather than axing it at the end of the ratings season.


Yeah, Ten must have shot themselves in the foot at the end of the year. They literally removed the Morning News taht was reinstated 3 months, prior to the Circle’s axing.

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The full episode of the first show is already up. A disaster from the start


Paul Henry was the biggest mistake for that show. Massive turn off to Australian audiences.


Next year is the 10th anniversary of the failed launch of Breakfast Nothing worked out well.


I was just thinking that. Time has flown.


Pretty much the only good thing to come out of Paul Henry hosting Breakfast were the hilarious grillings The Chaser gave him on The Hamster Wheel towards the end of 2012 - some of their best work since those “What Have We Learnt From Current Affairs This Week?” segments during “War on Everything” back in 2006/07! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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