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That’s a good idea… hadn’t heard of that one… I’ll try that, thanks.


Yeah. I got the idea from seeing this utensil you could buy that attached to a bottle and you pumped it to such all the air out. I thought to myself, wouldn’t squeezing the bottle do just about the same thing? It did and it really works.

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Smith’s Chips is running a promotion with Netflix and the movie ‘Rebel Moon’. They have released a limited edition range of themed flavours:
Double Crunch Planet Daggus Spicy Chicken Skewers
Crinkle Cut Veldt Farmhouse Cheese Bread
Crinkle Cut Motherworld Feast Roast Beef Garlic & Herb.


I think those names are not long enough! :rofl:

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Thins is branching out into onion rings now.

I have a craving for Margot’s Tim Tams now.



It’s a wonder they don’t have Taylor Tim Tams.

As for the extra kilojoules, you could always… um… shake it off?

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Wait until she’s here soon. :wink:

What, you mean she’s coming here… to Australia? :rofl:

I heard a whisper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cadbury Twirl has done another flavour. This time it’s Iced Latte.


Why must they ruin everything? This one feels like its going a little too far.


I don’t understand savoury hot cross buns.

I have always regarded them as a sweet food item with sultanas or fruit peel and cinnamon.

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Coles is also making limited edition Arnotts Iced VoVo hot cross buns, which is sweet food item.

Hot cross buns infused with pizza chip power

I tried them, not good. It’s the texture profile of if someone pre-chewed shapes for you…

Bring back the special burger sauce ones from last year - those were a great savoury combo.

Regurgitated Shapes. Yum! :laughing:

Griffin’s and Streets have launched Golden Gaytime-inspired biscuits