Betting and Gambling (and remember, Please Gamble Responsibly)

EDIT: Herald Sun reports the Lott will add two more balls to the current 45 in Oz Lotto.

I suspect this will be marketed as a chance at bigger jackpots - if the odds are blowing out that much, it’s not a stretch to say we might see $200 - 300 Million jackpots every now and then.

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How many betting companies are there now?

Surely the market is saturated by now.

A similar change was made to powerball in the recent years (and a price bump) - this was one of the “selling” points

so i told neds to stick it formally today and closed my account. they called me in the middle of the brisbane floods to offer me bonus bets. I was lucky, i didn’t ahve too many issues - i lost power and a freezer full of meat, but some common sense and not calling people who are battling floods to have tem bet more is a joke

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They probably don’t know where you live. It’s probably just the phone number and the name in the system. (Don’t get me wrong I don’t think they should be calling anyway)

EDIT: the changes applied from the Oz Lotto draw 1474, held on Tuesday, May 17.

According to The Motley Fool website, The Lottery Corporation is the new home of Tabcorp’s Lotteries and Keno businesses. It is an omni-channel business with a portfolio of high profile, recognised brands and games, strong digital growth and a retail footprint across approximately 7,000 retail outlets/venues.

Update 9/6:
Casino regulators in NSW, VIC and WA have approved Blackstone’s takeover of Crown Resorts.

ACMA moves to block major illegal gambling website

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has requested Australian internet service providers (ISPs) to block illegal gambling website

This is one of the most significant websites to be blocked since the ACMA started using this regulatory tool in November 2019. Payments to the site are estimated to run into tens of millions of dollars. Data from Similarweb shows there are around 30,000 Australian visitors to the site each month (based on mobile and desktop data).

An ACMA investigation found the site was operating online casino style games, which are prohibited in Australia under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 .

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said that while to date the regulator had requested ISPs to block more than 500 illegal gambling websites, is one of the most substantial in terms of potential harm to the community.

“We have received more complaints about this year than any other illegal gambling website, and it is clearly doing a lot of harm to the Australian community,” Ms O’Loughlin said.

“Complaints have ranged from people who have lost significant amounts of money through to the site refusing to honour deposits and winnings.

“By blocking access to sites like this we are sending a strong message that the ACMA can and will take action to stop illegal operators from targeting Australians.”

Website blocking is just one element of the ACMA’s strategy to disrupt illegal gambling, which includes industry engagement, targeted enforcement and public education.

Over 160 illegal services have pulled out of the Australian market since the ACMA started enforcing new illegal offshore gambling rules in 2017.

Ms O’Loughlin said consumers using illegal gambling websites do not have the important customer protections that come with licenced services.

“If one of these sites decides to keep your money, and we know that happens quite regularly, there is nothing you can do about it,” she said.

Along with, the ACMA has also requested ISPs to block illegal gambling sites Azure Hand, Abo Casino, Betroom, 777Bay, Space Lilly, Jet Casino, Katsu Bet and Winz.

Don’t know why the ACMA bothers with this when you literally just need to not use your ISPs DNS to avoid blocked websites. Waste of money and resources.

it all about optics and being seen to do something. also, i think the proportion of people who do change there DNS is not a massive amount - i do it as i’m a nerd and like using googles DNS but i’m unsure how more do

They have to, because that is their job to do something, although the internet as it is poses lengthy conundrums in ensuring a reasonably safe society. I am glad they are working on this and at least minimising exposure to the mainstream where they can.