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I miss the early days when Ten had the Melbourne Cup and Ten Sydney would have a breakaway call of the race with Ray Warren. Those were the days.

Re the Tatts-Tabcorp merger, NSW Lotteries still has to have what is left of their HQ in NSW - I think that is the case.

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The number of TAB retail outlets has decreased significantly over the years and those that remain are nowhere near as busy on Melbourne Cup day as they used to be. I remember there being about four TABs within a five kilometre radius of the home I grew up in. None of those outlets remain, although a stand alone outlet opened in a major shopping centre. Even one that used to be amongst the busiest in NSW has closed. They’ve gradually been integrated into clubs and hotels.

I worked in a club’s TAB for a few years when I was at uni and the terminals would be running non stop all day on the big race days. Punters in licenced venues are more likely to be placing bets via their smart phones or EBTs these days. The terminals at the bar aren’t getting the work out they used to. It’s really only the old timers and very occasional gamblers that are bothering to fill out betting slips and use the terminals.

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I have never understood how TAB outlets survive against pubs - who also offer drinks.

Still have tons of standalone ones here in Perth though I can’t say they’ve added more locations as the city has grown in the last 10-15 years or so. The move to EBT machines here has only happened in the last few years though, so that may change in the future as leases expire.

If the currently government owned WA TAB gets sold off though… I can imagine they’ll probably shut a big portion of their network.

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Wonder if we will see the UBet Brand dissolve back into TAB?

Up here they only just opened a new UBet outlet replacing a Video Ezy store, but 20 years ago I reckon there were at least 5 stand alone TAB agencies plus the many PubTab and ClubTab operators.

I know when I’m in Sydney or Melbourne and I go to a TAB to put a Quaddie and maybe a few sports bets on I use the machine these days. Much easier than to go fill out tickets and hold up someone who just wants to run to the terminal because Race 2 at Geraldton is about to jump. Perhaps it’s just today’s generation talking.

Crown Oaks (AKA Ladies Day) :grin:

Anyone going of watching or having a flutter?

Crown has apparently bid to open a casino in Japan, however they are up against a number of other bidders with the larger Las Vegas Sands Corporation the front runner. I’m surprised that Crown is in expansion mode again considering their recent spending cuts after the China arrests.

The ACCC and Crownbet have both stated they will not be appealing the Australian Competition Tribunal’s approval of the Tatts-Tabcorp merger.

Crownbet is now “BetEasy”.

New graphics, etc. seen during a odds cross with Matty Campbell during Seven’s AFL tonight (who are also a sponsor, as well as for Fox Footy or at least were and the AFL’s official wagerer).

Some complicated legal thing, which I’m not positive on and most here have probably read by now.



Well hopefully you can help explain it better bacco? The article I read confused me. Something about someone purchasing William Hill and it went from there.

CrownResorts sold its stake in CrownBet. (and therefore needed to change its name)

CrownBet purchased WilliamHill Aus in a take over. Part of that agreement was to stop using the WilliamHill name (a move they would probably done anyway as it meant little in the Aus market).

CrownBet wanted to call itself SportingBet but was blocked from doing so. So has gone back to its former name of BetEasy.



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The Federal Government-commissioned report showed that many citizens were being attracted to unregulated offshore websites.

Seems bizarre that it’s allowed on the phone but not online. If that’s the only change, it probably won’t hurt, but I’d expect that as soon as the bookies start advertising the absolute fuck out of “BET ONLINE DURING PLAY!!!” it might attract more people to empty their pay packets into betting.

Racing Victoria have stated that they are not investigating the 2015 Melbourne Cup, however other trainers are suggesting that Weir’s wins should be looked at.

Interesting move if James Packer does sell out of Crown.

UPDATE: Wynn Resorts had pulled the takeover bid and ended talks with Crown after details were leaked to media.