Best/worst sets in Australia? šŸ¤”

Thought this might be an interesting point of discussion, especially as 7QLD just received a new set.

What would you rank the best and worst sets in Australia?

  • Only counting current sets in use, so these lists can change over time
  • Can include news/breakfast/morning/sports sets etc
  • List as many as you want

My lists are focused around news.

5 Best

  1. 10 News First Sydney (best)
  2. 9 News Perth
  3. 9 News Melbourne/Adelaide
  4. 7 News Melbourne
  5. 7 News Sydney

5 Worst

  1. 7 News Perth (worst by far)
  2. 10 News First Adelaide / WIN News / 9 News Darwin (basically green-screen single shot)
  3. 7 Regional NSW / WA
  4. ABC News Sydney
  5. NBN News

As for consistency of news sets across the country, 9 and ABC take the cake.
Interested to hear your thoughts!


You must spend a lot of time studying the look of sets. :eyes:

This is Mediaspy afterall :wink:


For me (number 1 being the absolute worst):

  1. 7 News Perth
  2. 9 News Darwin
  3. 7 News Regional WA
  4. WIN News
  5. 10 News First Adelaide

Iā€™m breaking up 7WA/WIN/10Adl based on the backdrop, variety of camera shots and also, tbh, the vibe

The 9 News Darwin backdrop is just awful

  1. All Ten News Sets (all states)
  2. 7 News Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.
  3. 7 News Regional
  4. SBS News set (what is suppose to be something futuristic? yuck!)
  5. ABC News sets (Australian ABC)
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Best news sets for me

  1. ABC Canberra Parliament
  2. 7 news Sydney 4.
  3. ABC News Vic
  4. 9 news Perth
  5. 7 news Perth by a mile

It 's so interesting, I think 10 Sydney is very underwhelming compared to others. Yet there is so much love for it.

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Both Gold Coast closet-sized sets leave a lot to be desired.


7ā€™s Gold Coast set was great until they plonked that oversized desk in it.