Best radio announcer of all time?

Doug Mulray was big in his day…

They reckon you could look across the harbor bridge and see car after car of people laughing when he’d crack a joke…

And that’s the great thing about an announcer and not just some comedian recruited to be on air talent… announcers know the true power of radio…

So who’s been the best you’ve regularly listened to?

In recent years for me it was Iain Lee… he was completely unpredictable on Absolute…

But of all time…

Gotta like Elvis Duran… he’s truly amazing…

But no one beats Michael Scott Shannon… the greatest ever in the history of radio…

No one else makes people lose control quite like him (4:08)

Broadway Bill Lee on WCBS New York. No one comes close

Doug Mulray
Andrew Denton (with Amanda Keller)
Merrick and Rosso
Fitzy and Wippa

Of the US announces I have heard in Australia - Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack.

Some of my favourites from Perth
Going back to the 70’s to know
John burgess (6pm)
Lionel Yorke (6pm 6ix)
Brian Lehman (6ix, pmfm,6ix)
Ted Bull (6wf,6ix,6pr)
Gordon O’byrne ( 6pm,96fm,6ix)
Late Alan Robertson ( 6ix)
Dean Clairs (pmfm,mix94.5)
Bob Stuart (96fm,mix94.5)
Fred Botica (96fm,mix94.5,96fm)


Depends if you’re speaking in music or talkback terms, if I were to say of today (music) I’d say Dave Williams in Melbourne.
Glenn “Minty” Mintern is very good and Adrian “AJ” Johnston too.
Listen to Bob Peters on 2GO at the moment sounds very good.
But now days it’s more than just announcing it’s about communication all the time with your audience and Minty is the best with that.

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And then of course there’s the father of brotherly love…

Brendan Barnes 96.9 sun fm from the 90’s


Love that alliteration… Like Blake Bortles… great name.

Fred Botica was a freaking legend… I remember him on 1XX!

Chris Tarrant was pretty good.

Barry Bissell


Talkback: there is only one John Laws.

Yes, Neil Mitchell or Burns & Stevenson are successful as are Jones & Hadley, but no one has had national success like John Laws.