Best novels

Now that March is upon us…

What was your best read over the Summer months?

I just finished Killing Commandatore. An epic read, so rich in texture, flourishingly descriptive, and teasingly surreal. It was indeed the best book of the Summer. Truly entertaining and absorbing. Every page. Every sentence. Every word.

I’m currently sinking my teeth into Brave New World…

And about half way through Colorless Tskuru Tazaki (which is a pure delight).

The local lifeline bookshop had a copy of Botchan (which I haven’t read in about 30 years) so I gobbled it up and it’s next on my list. It’s a classic.

Anything else worth a geeze?

Finished Anna Krien’s Night Games. Released a few years ago but fantastic.

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I think the best I’ve ever read is

The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 & 3/4

It still makes me laugh!

Though I’m showing my age here and that I don’t read many books these days!

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I have the third book in the Rosie trilogy to read

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haha… classic…

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Ahhh the Rosie result…

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