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The Sunday Telegraph reports Sam Mac will host this new comedy clip show, based on a NZ format. It premieres Tuesday, March 29 at 10pm.

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Not another one. Yuck!

The ever popular Bist Buts!





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OMG :scream:

Just saw a teaser for this - can see why it is at 10pm. From what was provided it looks like utter garbage. Cheap micro studio with canned laughter and not funny at all. It seems it is not going to be looking just at Tv shows also You Tube clips as well:

“bunch of funny people dissecting TV clips and viral videos”

If people are turning off Sunrise because of Sam Mac this will reinforce their decision.

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I thought for a 10pm show it looked ok. We need the networks to try more non-reality shows. Sometimes they’ll hit the mark, sometimes they’ll miss. But at least they’re giving new shows a go.

I hear the show is recorded in a NZ studio with a live audience?

Doesn’t stop them adding canned laughter, especially if the audience isn’t responding.

If those are the funniest bits they could find in the promo then they’ll need all the help they can get with canned laughter.


Saw the first episode tonight (and switched to SBS for World Cup soccer during the ad breaks). It was patchy with too few funny bits. I will give it another chance though.

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Wasn’t as bad as I thought…will watch again.

Reminds me of Friday Night Download on Ten

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When do episodes air? I will be attending the filming of the show tomorrow morning here in NZ.

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Tuesday nights at 10pm.


I actually don’t mind it as a bit of a laugh before bed.

so odd that they fly Sam and the comics to NZ to film it


Auckland international comedy festival on now may be the reasons behind it? Lots of Australian comics doing shows here currently. Might move back to Australia when it’s done?