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Admittedly a thread that’s probably not going to have that much activity, but it’s worth opening one since Behind The News has a new look (replacing an On-Air Presentation package had been used since about 2012…I think) and even new theme music (replacing a theme that was used for about a decade) as of this week which you can see at their website:

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a real set again, looks great. Loved this show as a kid, great to see it continuing.

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Ahhh, BTN, the show that began my interest in Journalism. I remember they went to Fiji after the 2000 coup and the news presenter at the time went straight up to coup leader George Speight!

Wow I did not know this show was still even going. I remember in primary school we would watch this once a week!

Likewise. Good to see its still going.

That said, wasn’t it axed c2001 and revived a few years later?

It was axed in 2004 and brought back a year later

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Yes! I remember that! We were in year 7 so we were the seniors.
Rohan When (sp?) was his name, he came and did stories with us.

Do they still air the show in your classes? I remember they did when I was in primary school.

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their Kosovo stories also made a big impact on me too

In my classes? Given I was in year 7 in 2000, as mentioned above, what classes are you referring to?

Here’s some caps of the new look:

TV Tonight is reporting that Nathan Bazley will end his decade long run (which for Australian children’s TV, is a pretty big milestone) as Behind The News presenter tomorrow, although he’ll continue to be a Series Producer for the show.

A new host for BTN will be announced early next year.


Behind The News turns 50!

And to celebrate, Aussie kids are taking over ABC News

The ABC’s flagship children’s news program, Behind The News (BTN), is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Tuesday June 5 and to mark this milestone ABC News will give our children a voice like never before.

All over the country, ABC News will be throwing open its doors for the day, offering regular Aussie kids the incredible opportunity to be part of the news. Fancy yourself as a meteorologist in the making? You can do that too! On June 5, kids from around the country will be given a voice in the way we report the news.

Each ABC metropolitan newsroom will host a BTN rookie reporter who will file a story relevant to children. That story will be featured on the ABC News website, and air during the state-based flagship 7pm News.

The kids’ takeover doesn’t end there. From guest spots on ABC Local Radio, to hosting a weather bulletin on ABC News Breakfast, or a full week of news bulletins on many of the ABC Radio Afternoons programs, all around the country - kids are running the show.

ABC ME will kick off the celebrations for its flagship news program when the BTN hosts join News To Me’s Pip, Grace and Lawrence in a special News To Me episode airing on Sunday June 3 at 9am. On the anniversary, Tuesday 5 June, ABC ME will air an anniversary edition of BTN at 10am, a very special kids version of Q&A at 4.30pm, hosted by BTN’s Amelia Moseley and featuring children on the panel and in the audience, and the very first episode of BTN will also screen at 7pm.

Families can stroll down memory lane together with a half-hour documentary looking back at the history of BTN to air on Tuesday 5 June at 6.00pm on ABC, followed by an encore of the Q&A special at 6.30pm.

For online audiences, there will be special features showcasing BTN’s rich archive, as well as a series of short-form video features to mark the anniversary.

To round out the celebrations, BTN is hosting a party at ABC Adelaide, where local children, the BTN team and alumni, and other ABC luminaries will mark this milestone.

BTN’s 50th anniversary programming airs on Sunday June 3 at 9am on ABC ME, and on Tuesday June 5 from 10am on ABC ME and from 6.00pm on ABC.


Is this still going? I thought this was axed 5 or so years ago, obviously not?

I’m pretty sure Behind The News moved to ABC3 (as ABC ME was known as back then) when all the other schools/education programs moved away from the main channel.

According to Wikipedia, axed in 2003, back in 2004.

Back in year 4-5 BTN was used as a weekly lesson. We’d watch an episode, then make a small poster listing the names of each story and writing a summary of one story.

I like the current graphics, but the current theme is nowhere near as good as the previous rock theme though (nostalgia!)…


Tonight’s 7.30 included a report about the 50th anniversary of BtN. It includes some interesting archival footage and some info about the axing in 2003.
There will be a documentary on the ABC channel at 6:00pm tomorrow about the anniversary.

The report starts around 23:00 (the video starts there)

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This morning


Few caps from tonight

Q&A special

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