Behave Yourself!

What happend to that similar show from around 2013??

That was a good one.

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What happend to that similar show from around 2013?? That was a good one. [/quote]

Well if it didn’t make it to 2014 then it couldn’t have been such a good one. :wink:


So boring. Couldn’t even keep my interest to the first commercial break.


Not sure why Seven are persisting with Darren when The Big Music Quiz was a snooze fest also and this will likely suffer the same fate.


Too complicated. How hard is it just to put a bunch of funny people in a room and let the chemistry take over?

I usually find Lawrence Mooney quite funny but he was cringeworthy in this setting.

Even the introductions with Darren trying to engage in some sort of banter or at least chat with the celebs was just awful. I think the ratings may be so low it won’t be back next week.

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General feedback on Twitter was the show is shit and a poor rip off of HYBPA? so not a great start.


Time for a “stacks on” to slam this show. :laughing:


I just want to say that I don’t think this show deserves the bad ratings it is currently getting and the slack it is copping from reviewers and other media outlets. It is such a great show with a lot of laughs and is something really different to the norm. More people should have tried watching it at the earlier time of 7:30 last night rather than just continuing to watch ANW. I just hope this means Seven isn’t going to pull a Little Big Shots with this too and remove it from next Tuesday’s schedule since that would just damage everyone’s opinion of it even more. Seven should just not put this up against something as high rating as ANW on Nine and I’m pretty positive that most people would actually really like this show. I actually think it could be better than MKR and House Rules since it is about things that most everyday people can relate to. Plus I would hate for another of Darren McMullen’s shows to go down the toilet…

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I think they’ll just burn off whatever episodes they have left. It’s a lost cause.

I’m watching this again tonight instead of ANW for something different. The show isn’t actually as bad as people say it is. It is definitely a lot better than the Big Music Quiz.


If anyone cares, Behave Yourself continued airing earlier in the week but has once again been bumped.

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We know

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The four remaining episodes will air at late night Tuesdays from next week.

Who has been anxiously waiting two years for this to return? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some fans are wanting to watch the unaired episodes of Behave Yourself. Two years ago, this show suffered low ratings and it was beaten by Australian Ninja Warrior and MasterChef. Now that it has returned on TV, they will air the final 4 episodes during the summer period before retiring the show.

It had fans?

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Probably referring to the Seven fanboys (the most obvious ones).

Isn’t that you, TV7?

A while ago, yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the show itself, no thanks!