Before The Game (2002 to 2013)

Rare to find online/YouTube.

Caps of the intro/ender from the 2011 to 2012 period, includes full production credits (some might find of interest).

More to come…


Before the Game was the best footy show.


Yeah it was a great show. Shame it’s no longer on.


It would be good if someone has full episodes… YouTube has hardly any.

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I have the 2012 GF Extravaganza and a couple of episodes from 2010 and 2011.

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You’ll have to upload it somewhere, maybe It was the best show


Is the 2012 GF edition the one where Strauchanie sings Bound for Strauchanie in the blue batmobile from the 1991 AFL Grand Final?
As an aside, that’s one of my all time favourite BTG bits along with Fitzy unveiling a lifelike statue of Kevin Bartlett handballing at the MCG and Fitzy (again) holding Patrick Dangerfield’s parents hostage to get him to re-sign with Adelaide.

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