Beach House Escape

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Coming to Nine in 2021

With 2020 upending the way we live, Beach House Escape will help people to realise their lifelong dream of escaping the city.

Beach House Escape is set in an idyllic seaside town where an old home right on the beachfront is ready for a complete makeover to turn it into Australia’s best beach house.

Ten talented individuals who’ve always romanticised about a better life will compete to fulfil this dream.

Does anyone remember Ten’s ill-fated show The Hothouse in 2004? It sounds similar to this new show.
The Hothouse was filmed on Bribie Island in Queensland.


Or Instant Hotel from Seven?

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That takes me back!

Lots of lifestyle content on Nine next year.

Between this, Celebrity IOU, The Block, seems like Nine loves this and the romance genre and are milking both genres of all its worth.

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