Battle of the lead-ins

The 30-minute version is only for the Olympic Games weeks. From Monday 9 August (2021), The Chase Australia will be a 60-minute show again. It’s likely to drop viewer numbers immediately. Seven would hope that TCA gained long-term viewers who had previously watched Millionaire Hot Seat and that the decrease will be minor. If TCA ratings drop to the same or less than the last of the O’Keeffe hosted episodes, there will be concerns about the future of this “dull” program. The prize money is too minor. Admittedly MHS hardly ever has a “big-dollar” ($100,000; $250,000 or $1 million) winner. However, it does have a $1,000,000 dollar top prize… theoretically. Due to the rules of TCA, it cannot have a mammoth cash prize. This makes it, as I have said, a somewhat dull show to view.

Interesting take. I don’t care whether the contestants win or not. I prefer The Chase over Hot Seat because they get through get more quiz questions.


Well I guess we have to agree to disagree with this one. Hot Seat just feels like it drags and drags along especially with Eddie constantly talking with the contestants a lot. The Chase has banters between contestants and presenters too but it’s minimal in comparison.


Yep, I agree.

Don’t really care for either of the 5pm gameshows but if I was forced to pick one, I’d probably go for The Chase Australia especially now they’ve got an infinitely more tolerable presenter in Larry Emdur. Before then though, both AOK & Eddie were equally annoying I think.

If the ratings remained the same with Larry as they were under AOK I’d say Seven would still be relatively happy given it was winning the timeslot. I personally don’t care what the prizemoney is, seems such a strange reason for liking or disliking a show. I think Hard Quiz is terrific and there’s zero cash prize.


I agree that Eddie chatting to contestants is irritating. That’s done for two reasons: (1.) To fit with the “life-changing” theme of the show. (2.) As a filler for post-production. If most questions are answered quickly, there may not be enough quiz content to fill an episode.

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Interesting question for you: Which show would prefer as a contestant?

So do you think O’Keeffe was a drag on ratings for The Chase and Larry Emdur will increase viewers based on a more pleasant personality and reputation?

Do you like game-shows that are not broadcast at 5:00 pm? How about those quasi game-shows with stand up comedians doing their hilarious shtick?

The Chase.

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I think most would agree, both shows have pros and cons, the tension with Eddie’s good chit chat ad lib while waiting for a contestant to make up their mind and trying to make them second guess in any given question I like.

But yeah, watching the chaser go for it, especially the final chase, is great TV. Issa and Anne are the ones I prefer.

Appearing on The Chase, at least you’d be sure of seeing yourself on TV. It would be extremely rare for an anomoly to cause an episode of The Chase not to be broadcast.

I’m inclined to think that some episodes of Millionaire Hot Seat are not broadcast. Surely it’s possible for five (5) questions to be answered incorrectly with eight (8) asked? That would mean the last player answering question nine (9) for $6,000 cash. I’ve never seen anyone play for $6k “win or lose”.

There must be an unwritten rule that a cash prize has to be at least $10,000 for an episode to be broadcast. If the episode is not broadcast does the contestant win $6,000 cash? Does the producer say “the episode’s over”, no point in us asking a question for six (6) thousand dollars?

The other mystery that annoys me is: How is it determined which of the six (6) contestants goes first? Additionally, what is the order of play of the other five (5) based on? You’d think the order of scores (and times) in Fastest Finger First would be significant: It’s not. Not a very coherent format.

Millionaire Hot Seat is often not fair. Eddie “signals” a contestant that they have selected an incorrect answer. Occasionally a contestant says so and Eddie laughs it off pleading ignorance. How apt? Those instances are not fair to the other contestants waiting in the queue.

Worse still, a contestant is fairly sure they have the correct answer (A) and Eddie says “lock it in” with an upward (quizzical) inflexion in his voice. It’s tragic when the contestant jumps to a different, (ultimately incorrect) alternative (B) because they’ve previously seen Eddie pull his “favouritism” stunt on TV. They thought he was coaching them to win. In fact, he was trying to “stretch” at the prompting of the producer “in his ear”.

What about that gratuitous “well played” quip when someone answered ten (10) questions correctly and got the eleventh wrong? Does it make that man or woman feel good because Eddie praises them for setting up a big cash prize for the other contestants? I think not. Altruism is not a part of TV quizzes and AFL matches for that matter.

Lest it be said I’m down on MHS, there are things about The Chase I don’t like. What’s with that up-slope to the place where The Chaser sits at the top of the set? Looking down upon the inferior intellect of the contestants? It could also mean The Chaser is not too impressed with Larry as Host. Is answering questions really “a chase”? Why not have the Chaser sipping a double Scotch while answering questions and then finish the episode by downing a bottle of beer? A chaser, ha ha.

The concept of a member of the cast answering questions to compete against the players is somewhat suspicious–if only to me. The Chase is a little like pro-wrestling where the outcome could have been predetermined. I don’t think it is… but?

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