Barracuda is a drama series which is an adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’s novel Barracuda. It is made by Matchbox Pictures, the same team that brought his The Slap to screen.

The ABC started showing promos this week. There are well-known actors Rachel Griffiths, Matt Nable and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor in the cast and newcomers Elias Anton and Ben Kindon.

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Premieres Sunday 10 July at 8:40pm

4 part drama series, Barracuda, will air on Sunday nights leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, with the full series available to binge watch on iview after the premiere of episode 1.

Melbourne 1996. The Golden Age of Australian swimming is beginning and a scholarship to an exclusive boys school brings 16-year-old Danny Kelly one step closer to his ultimate goal - winning Olympic gold.

Initially, Danny struggles to find his place in the prestigious social circles of the private boys school. However under the charge of highly regarded coach Frank Torma and a friendship/rivalry with teammate Martin Taylor, Danny is soon on track to become Australia’s youngest swimming champion, the unstoppable ‘Barracuda’.

Soon, everyone has a stake in Danny’s success and as he swims closer towards gold, he finds himself being drawn into a world where the only thing that matters is winning. When he gets his shot at victory, with all of Australia watching - can the ‘Barracuda’ live up to everyone’s expectations and realise his dream?

Based on award-winning novelist Christos Tsiolkas’ book and adapted for television in four parts, Barracuda is a moving story about identity, obsession, desire, the dizzy heights of success and the terrifying risk of failure. Starring Rachel Griffiths and Matt Nable and introducing Elias Anton as Danny Kelly.

Episode 2 - Sunday 17 July at 8:30pm
Episode 3 - Sunday 24 July at 8:30pm
Episode 4 - Sunday 31 July at 8:30pm

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This is great. So once the first episode airs we can watch all episodes on Iview is this correct?

Interesting to see the star of this Elias Anton in a bit part on Neighbours last night. Maybe he will have a bigger role in upcoming episodes.

Enjoyed the first episode. The cast of young newcomers were great.

I enjoyed it! Great night of viewing on the ABC last night